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Understanding and functions of GAC

I. Role of GAC Global Assembly Cache is used to store public assemblies that are used by many programs, such as system. Data and system. Windows. forms. In this way, many programs can obtain the Assembly from the GAC without copying all the assembly

Add the Assembly to GAC and enable it to be referenced in the. NET tab for adding references to.

GAC is a code cache and can be used as a central knowledge base to place an assembly. Place the Assembly in GAC so that they can be referenced by multiple applications on the server. If developers are given full version control, it is easier to

GAC-Global Assembly Cache and Sn. exe tool

The BizTalk project has been in operation for more than half a year, and each project uses the GAC and Sn tools. At that time, the "master" just gave a rough talk about their role, that is, the DLL should be shared, if anyone can access the service

Shared Assemblies GAC

Original title:Original address: Assemblies GACI've said so much about the details and rules of the CLR loading assemblies, in fact, similar to mscorlib.dll, System.dll such an FCL class library has

How to make the Assembly automatically added to GAC during compilation

If your project requires someProgramThe Set exists in GAC, but those sets are generated when you compile another project, or are dynamically changed for other reasons, the best practice is to re-add these assembly to GAC when compiling the project.

Wix Installation option-register the assembly to the design-time environment of GAC and

TheProgramThe location of the set is different from the runtime location of the Assembly, especially in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) Assembly, which needs to be handled when the winodws installer is created through Wix. The position of the

How to add assembly to GAC?

First of all, let's talk about GAC. I believe everyone is familiar with it. Its full name is Global Assembly Cache. In my opinion, it is a folder for storing public assemblies. its physical location is % SystemRoot % \ assembly, as long as it is

Copy the DLL from GAC

In projects, we often introduce third-party DLL files. Generally, we can copy the required DLL files to a place on the hard disk and add references to the project. This operation is very simple! But sometimes we will encounter such a situation, that

How to reference assemblies in the GAC

From: Linkid = 1175 We have been getting some posts lately where developers are installing assemblies in the GAC and then asking why they don't see them enumerated in the Add reference dialogs. this

. Net (C #): Only reflectiononlyloadfrom can save strongly-named Assembly conflicting with GAC.

Conclusion: if there are two strongly-named assemblies with the same Assembly name, one is in GAC, and the other is not. How to dynamically load the Assembly not in the GAC? The answer is that only assembly. reflectiononlyloadfrom can be

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