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Understanding and functions of GAC

I. Role of GAC Global Assembly Cache is used to store public assemblies that are used by many programs, such as system. Data and system. Windows. forms. In this way, many programs can obtain the Assembly from the GAC without copying all the assembly

Add the Assembly to GAC and enable it to be referenced in the. NET tab for adding references to.

GAC is a code cache and can be used as a central knowledge base to place an assembly. Place the Assembly in GAC so that they can be referenced by multiple applications on the server. If developers are given full version control, it is easier to

How to deploy a program to the global application cache (GAC) in. NET Framework 4.0)

In. NET Framework 4.0, how to deploy a program to the global application cache (GAC) has undergone considerable changes. The MSDN that comes with VS2010 is incorrectly described in some places. Below are some of my knowledge about how to deploy. NET

Reprint using the GAC in. Net

Reprint Source is the GAC? What do you do for a while? The GAC's full name is called the global assembly cache, and popular understanding is the place to store the DLLs that are needed under various. NET

GAC-Global Assembly Cache and Sn. exe tool

The BizTalk project has been in operation for more than half a year, and each project uses the GAC and Sn tools. At that time, the "master" just gave a rough talk about their role, that is, the DLL should be shared, if anyone can access the service


adding DLLs to the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) In fact, the. NET comes with a tool that can register DLLs in the GAC, Gacutil.exe. Start Menu-microsoft Visual studio-visual Studio tools-visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt, enter Gacutil.exe carriage

Add DLL to GAC (Global Assembly Cache)

How can I load a DLL to GAC? Oracle was a problem. dataaccess. DLL problem. 10 Gb is installed on the sub-host, but later we know the oracle. dataaccess. dll contains a new method oraclebulkcopy, similar. net is used for SQL Server sqlbulkcopy. At

Understanding the GAC: Starting with the question "Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlClrProvider.dll not found"

Understanding the GAC: Starting with the question "Microsoft.SqlServer.SqlClrProvider.dll not found"Sinomfirst, look at the truth, as follows: First, the problem descriptionI used MICROSOFT.SQLSERVER.SMO to develop a database management tool to

Use the resource manager to open the batch processing of the GAC folder

When developing controls on the. NET platform, you often need to decompile Microsoft class libraries in GAC. However, copying files in GAC is inconvenient. To improve work efficiency, we specially wrote a batch processing file to use the resource

How to make the Assembly automatically added to GAC during compilation

If your project requires someProgramThe Set exists in GAC, but those sets are generated when you compile another project, or are dynamically changed for other reasons, the best practice is to re-add these assembly to GAC when compiling the project.

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