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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 listed, suppressing Apple's heart highlights

The tablet market is in the forefront of the history of the most critical PK, it is well known that the tablet market Apple and Samsung has been the industry leader, and in the fierce competition. The Samsung tablet seems to have more stamina. Many products with excellent performance are frequently introduced. The title of the king of the tablet is apparent.Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S series

Samsung Galaxy Tab is coming soon with its own Wi-Fi feature version

Samsung Galaxy TabThe Android 2.2 operating system is Samsung Electronics's first smart tablet communication terminal. For Samsung, the release of the Galaxy Tab means the birth of a brand new mobile product of Samsung. To provide users with more mobile app functions, Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (T719C/32GB) flatbed test

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (T719C/32GB) flatbed testReleased in June 2016, the purchase price for September 8, 2016 is 2800 yuan.GALAXY Tab S2 t719c (4G version) with ARM architecture Qualcomm S652 processor, 1.4GHz processor frequency, 1.8GHz Turbo, eight core design, 3GB of running memory, 32GB storage memory,EMMC storage media, support micro SD (TF) card, maxim

How is the configuration of Samsung galaxy tab A2016? How much?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A2016 how much money The Galaxy Tab A2016 is said to be 170 euros in price, about 1230 yuan. Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab a configuration parameters 7.0-inch 1280x800 resolution screen, black and white, e

Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab S2 or listed in June

News of May 11 that Samsung will launch its new generation of high-end tablet computer Galaxy Tab S2 this June, but there are few news about the tablet. Finally, a few days ago, the @onleaks released a rendering map of the Galaxy Tab S2. From the rendering, the Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro T320 root process sharing

Root Tutorial: Reference Jifeng Web Tutorial1 , install the Galaxy Tab Pro8.4 (sm-t320) USB Driver (You can choose to install the Samsung website Kis, or install some assistants)2 , enable developer mode, turn on USB Debug Mode (can refer to network article, , backup data ( Root The tool clears all the data on the tablet, focusing on backup ph

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 dual-curved screen appearance seckilling iPad (multiple pictures)

Just a few days ago, Designer Saber Mahmodi broke the concept of Galaxy Tab S2. From the figure, I believe that the designer has gained a lot of inspiration from S6 edge, so he designed Tab S2 as a dual-curved screen.Tab S2 will launch a popular gold version. The Home key in front will be equipped with a fingerprint recognition function, and the heart rate sensor

How does Samsung Galaxy Tab Active join other users? (T360)

1. Click the application icon on the standby page.2. Click set ].3. Click device ].4. Move up the left-side screen and click user ].5. Click + to add a user.6. Select user or restricted personal data as needed. Click user here.7. Read the description of ldquo; add user rdquo; and click OK ].8. After reading the ldquo; set user rdquo; prompt, you can select [do not set now] or [set now]. Here, click [set now] as an example.9. On the sliding screen lock page, move the screen to the left or rig

Where can I enable the unknown source of Galaxy Tab S2 on the Samsung tablet?

The unknown source of the function is to enable our mobile phones can have the ability to install unofficial software, such as our Sina official download of Weibo this must be safe, but if not open the unknown source can not be installed. 1. In the Galaxy Tab S2 desktop, we click "Application". 2. Click the "Set" option, as shown below for the icon. 3. We then find the set list "lock s

How does Samsung Galaxy Tab A disable the briefing function? (T350)

1. On the standby page of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, we use our fingers to hold the blank area on the home screen as shown in the following figure.2. Then, on the page, move the screen to the right, as shown in the following figure.3. Deselect the check box above the briefing panel.Well, our briefing will be canceled successfully. It is actually very simple. You have to give it a try without saying to

How does Samsung Galaxy Tab A reset application preferences? (P550)

1. In Samsung Galaxy Tab a flat standby, we click the "Set" icon to open the entry. 2. Then click the "Application" option in the Settings menu to open the entry effect as follows. 3. Then we find the application manager on the right side of the effect as follows.4. Click "More" on the screen and choose "Reset Application Preferences".5. Then we click "Reset" to see if we want to reset th

How does Samsung Galaxy Tab a turn on the intelligent hibernate feature? (T350)

1. Under the Samsung Galaxy Tab a desktop, click "Settings" as shown in the following image, this is the second screen that we slide the screen to the right, if there is no can be in the first screen click on the application management and then go to find the setting is the same. 2. In the setup we find the "Show" option and click it to find the following figure. 3. In the display interface on

Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab? (T550) WLAN connection tutorial

1. Click the set option on the standby interface of the T550 tablet. The following details are displayed.2. You will see a WLAN option on the left of the tablet. Click it.3. Then, on the right side of the wlan, we just need to turn off the slider on the right side, and Display [open] to indicate that the following is turned on, and we want to turn on the display green to indicate that the following is turned on.4. Click the WLAN network you want to connect to. Here ldquo; Samsung 1 rdquo; is u

How does Samsung Galaxy Tab E (4.4.4) connect to other mobile phones through Bluetooth? (T560)

To connect to other mobile phones through Bluetooth, follow these steps:1. Click application on the standby page ].2. Click set ].3. Click [Bluetooth] and then click the slider below it. Green indicates that it is enabled.4. When this feature is enabled, the tablet automatically scans available devices and selects the device to be paired. Here, we use Galaxy J3 as an example. (Note: Make sure that the pairing device has Bluetooth enabled and is visibl

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (P550) quick connection to share content with other devices

With the Quick Connect feature, you can easily search and connect to nearby devices, easily share what is stored on your device, and if you need to use the Quick Connect feature, follow these steps:1. On the standby page or the page where you want to send the file, slide the screen top down.2. Click on "Quick Connect".3. In the Set Device Visibility window, select a visible way, as an example of "When a quick connection is enabled only".4. Click "Enable Fast Connection".5. After the "use Bluetoo

Samsung T805C How to restore factory settings? (Galaxy Tab S)

Note: (SMS, contacts, downloaded applications will be lost when t805c is restored, so we'd better back up in advance) 1. Samsung T805C Desktop system into the "settings" option, open access.2. Then switch to the "General" tab in the Open interface, as follows.3. In the General tab we find the "reset" option and click Enter.4. Click "Restore Factory Setting".5. Click the "Reset Device" button, as shown in t

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 how to switch application notification

If you want to disable some application notifications, we can switch them in the application. The specific switch operation steps can be taken with the editor.1. For many functions of this computer in the application, we just need to click

How does Samsung P555C activate the developer option (Galaxy Tab)

1. On the Samsung P555C standby page, click the application icon. The development option remains unchanged for many years on the Samsung device. 2. Find the "Settings" icon in the application and click "settings. 3. Go to the settings menu and find

How does Samsung P555C lock S Note notes? (Galaxy Tab)

To lock your S Note, follow these steps:1. Click S Note on the standby page ]. 2. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the note. 3. Click Lock ]. 4. Read the note prompt and click OK ]. 5. Enter the password for your note and click

How does Samsung P555C enable the S Pen floating window preview function? (Galaxy Tab)

1. Click application on the standby Samsung P555C interface and open it. 2. Click the [set] option. For details, click on the page. 3. After entering, click "S Pen" on the left to open the page. 4. Then we will see a floating window preview on the

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