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The road of game making: a high-end for me to achieve the Mac/ios game making probably plan

unless the above software is not enough to use, otherwise will not introduce new software, because evaluation and learning is also cost. Of course, no need to learn the small software is excepted.Game Sound, background storyAlthough the sound part is also very important, but I do not understand the sound effects, nor interested in in-depth study of it, probably

Beginners ' Gospel: Beginner's Guide to Game development-practical tips

I am often asked how a person with little or no programming experience can begin to make a game. Until now, I have always tried my best to answer one. However, the number of problems has grown to a difficult level, so I decided to summarize all the suggestions in an article as a reference for the people. This article is intended for people who want to develop their own games, but have little or no programming experience. In fact, I also assume that th

"Unity3d Basic Tutorial" for beginners See Unity Tutorial (iv): Learn rigidbody2d and collider2d in native 2D by making Flappy Bird

Wang Xuan Yi, Source: Welcome reprint , please also keep this paragraph statement. If you like this article, please click "Recommend". Thank you!IntroductionIn the first article "Unity3d Basic Tutorial" for beginners See Unity Tutorial (a): Gameobject,compoent,time,input,physics I've already talked about the relationship between rigid bodies and collisions, and this time we're going through flappy. Bird This example to

How do beginners master making and submitting site maps?

How do beginners master making and submitting site maps?Site Map as a Web site based on the structure of the framework, content generated navigation Web files.Most people know that site maps are good for improving the user experience: they give site visitors directions and help lost visitors find the page they want to see.So what is a sitemap?Before we begin to introduce the production and submission of the

Mobile development: A simple tutorial for Android software development Beginners

guarantee that you will be the top Android developer after reading all the tutorials on the list, but this is a good start.Many of this article is for beginners, and I think even experienced Android software developers can learn something new or find a better way to do things for years. Therefore, if you have free time, it is recommended that you can go to the class home online to view the

Cocos2d-x v3.6 Making Archery Game (i)

player and the enemy, the following is an example of the object added in Tiledmap.Note: The object is designed to make development more convenient, it does not correspond to a map image, but the location/shape/size of a transparent object, so that developers can get the location of an object through the relevant API, so that the corresponding location to draw the real see Node object. When we make the Tiledmap map, we can think of the same name as the object, so that we can get information abou

Experience on making a racing game

receives operations from a player, there must be a great variety of posture changes, and these changes must be able to closely feedback the player's operations. The vehicle response can be more authentic (slide side), or easier to control than the actual situation (Cartoon ). For example, three games, namely running, speeding, and gt5, are more difficult to control than one. However, they still have a wealth of game fun.In fact, it is not interesting

Flash game Kill Dog Contest making

the principle of the game, rather than simply do, extrapolate is very important, only really understand the principle of a work, the algorithm, you can make your own better works. For you to see more clearly and make it suitable for some flash beginners,I will explain and describe the operation in a layer-by-layer, as detailed as possible, as the order of the explanations is the same as the order in which

0 Basic HTML5 Game Making tutorial 4th Chapter mobile Control

The 4th chapter of mobile ControlOne, the principle of capturing keyboard keystrokesThere are many ways to control the movement of graphics in the game, commonly used keyboard control, mouse control and on-screen button control and so on. The keyboard control is relatively simple, more suitable for beginners, we first talk about this method.In fact, every keystroke on the keyboard, when we press down, will

Photoshop design of retro stone word making with game feeling

back. 6. Put the "Concrete 2" material into the file, repeat step 3 for the "game" type layer, and the layer named "G" to achieve the following effect. 7. Select "G" to adjust the layer style. 8. Select the merge layer and adjust the layer style as follows. 9. Use "Concrete 2" to do the background, place the bottom of the file, perform the filter

The difference between game test and software test

(The game test here refers to all kinds of video games, especially online games). From the software point of view, the video game itself is a software, belongs to the software category, so game testing and

The common courseware making software of WPS is compared with

①flash Flash is produced by the Macromedia Company, and is used in dynamic, interactive shockwave on the Internet. It has the advantage of small size, can be downloaded while playing, so as to avoid users for a long time waiting. Flash can use it to generate animations, and you can add sounds to your Web pages. This enables the creation of multimedia graphics and interfaces, while making the file size small. Flash can not be programmed like a langu

(Tutorial. Software. Materials) * Collection, making a collection

(Tutorial. Software. Materials) * Collection, making a collection[Img] [/img]Name size small class Opera babysite.rar 27.81 MB File Viewletcam.7z 1.39 MB FileLightweight screen recording tools! Chm_to_pdf_converter_pro_v3.6.2.rar 4.855 MB FileYou can also guess the name, of course, it's a conversion drop ~ Generate a 22.354 MB file for the workbook (saved in images ).It's really good. The following stuff wi

Techniques and engineering for game software production (3)

to create an online game, involving software, art, music, marketing, sales, and operation. The concept of systematic engineering is required to control the success of a commercial game product. Otherwise, if you want to eat in this line, your stomach will be dangerous. It is necessary to distinguish between entertainment and games. Here, "

Introduction to game software engineering

Software Engineering for game developers Good books. It is unique in China. Game software engineering.The original book provided a complete set of 3D games and code to describe a practical software engineering application.The first few chapters in the book describe basic sof

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