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Solutions to some problems when using Qt for game development (1)

From: Qt is a good library. Therefore, in some cases, you can build programs and game frameworks based on Qt. The following describes the problems and solutions of Qt as a game framework. (1) buttons Reload the keyPressEvent, keyReleaseEvent, mousePressEvent, mouse

About Game Pack (Android), the model map on your phone displays solutions to blur problems

1. Click Stickers,2. Remove the tick in the red line.Note: mipmap technology is somewhat similar to LOD technology, but unlike Lod, which is for model resources and mipmap for texture mapping resourcesWith Mipmap, the map selects a map with different accuracy depending on the distance of the camera.disadvantage: will take up memory, because the mipmap will be based on the distance between the camera to generate a corresponding eight maps, so must be memory!Advantage: The memory bandwidth will be

Game theory __ Game theory

game theory (i): Nim Games Key conclusion: For a Nim game situation (A1,a2,..., an), it is p-position when and only A1^a2^...^an=0, where ^ represents a bitwise XOR or (XOR) operation. Nim game is one of the most classic models in game

Game Theory Research 1) Game Model

, and many other fields,Explores the complex relationships between games and game designers and gamers from multiple perspectives. Study the subjects included in the game at different levelsTechnical layer, Artistic Aesthetic layer, psychological and emotional layer, etc. Thinking and elaboration on the above issues not onlyIt is beneficial for people who have become ga

Poj [number theory/combination/Game Theory] Question list

From: Poj [number theory/combination/Game Theory] Question list The original list is relatively watery. Today I changed a difficult list and started to do it again ~ The red color indicates that the AC has passed, and the blue color indicates that the AC has passed. This sentence seems to have an am

POJ 1067| | Hdu 1527 Take the Stone game (game theory, Wythoff game)

, 15) Seventh one (11, 18) Will find their difference is incremented for 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.....N And the mathematical method of analysis found that the first value in the situation before the first value, such as the third situation, preceded by 0 1 2, then the first value of the third situation is 3, such as the fifth situation, the former Polygons appeared 0 1 2 3 4 5, then the fifth situation the first value is 6. If we look at the rules again, we'll find that the first value =

Hdu1846brave Game (game Theory of Bash Game template title) __ACM

sides of the game are using the optimal strategy, please output which person can win. Input input data first contains a positive integer c (cEach set of test data occupies one row, containing two integers n and m (1 Output if the person who goes first can win, please export "second", or the output of each instance takes one row. Sample Input 2 23 2 4 3 Sample Output The second Author LCY Source ACM Short Term EXAM_2007/12/13 Recommend LCY Ideas fo

Various graph theory models and their solutions (reproduced)

solve the problems related to the graph theory model mentioned above. Finally, To supplement some other knowledge of graph theory, including the branch of graph theory and the concept of easy mixing.Symbolic Conventions:Q (Question) indicates a description of the problem, M (Modeling) represents the mathematical model

Nim game/SG function (Game Theory)

Nim game is one of the most classic models in game theory ?), It has simple rules and the conclusion that there is no beauty Nim games are a kind of combinatorial games. Specifically, they belong to impartial combinatorial games (ICG ). An ICG game meets the following conditions (which may not be rigorous): 1. Two play

Summary of Game Theory-reprinted

:// Alice's game [finding Rules]The question is still a bit incomprehensible. Find the optimal strategy, and divide it into two points each time ..Hdoj3863 no gambling [finding rules] Simple Dual gameThe first is a winner, which is easy to find and cannot be blocked.Hdoj3951 coin game [finding Rules] As long as the first step is not completed, it becom

On the game theory of "turning"

Transfer from don't know where he turned from)Game problemIf you want to study game theory carefully, I highly recommend that Professor Thomas S. Ferguson of the University of California, who has written and offered this textbook for free, has benefited me too much. (If your English level is not enough to

Explanation of the Game Theory of shanzhai culture

happened and has been tried and tested. However, in reality, more situations are the opposite. It is the products and technologies of small-sized companies, but large companies are constantly innovating. Why is that? Is there a problem with game theory or a problem with my analysis? Don't worry. Let's make further analysis. Game

Cocos2d-x game anti-packaging solutions, cocos2d-x Solutions

Cocos2d-x game anti-packaging solutions, cocos2d-x Solutions What is the most feared for mobile games? It is estimated that it is packaging. The rampant packaging of the party has caused many good mobile phone games to be drowned. Therefore, game developers are also brave in this regard! Is there any good anti-packagin

Game Theory (I): Nim games

From today on, I will use a series Article This section describes the basic knowledge of game theory, which is mainly used in Oi. Of course, I have a superficial understanding of game theory, and the style of my writing has always been a "Personal Experience" rather than a "evangelism" type. So if you want to study

The process of proof that everyone can understand the theory of the schmerle theorem for clear chess games (winning solutions for playing chess, go, and chess)

too superb. Every time B falls into the game, a's choice is only defeated. Remember, there is a possibility that the next move of A and B is also the next move in a round. Note 4: There are some special rounds. Maybe a's next move, B has been awarded, and B will not be used. For example, if a in Chinese chess eats B's veteran, B does not need to take action. This is a winning round. This is also a round. Avoid some people say that the definition of

The experience and summary of work "accidents"--the application of game theory

, handled well, should, handled poorly, are their problems. This problem, for the normal, not through the chicken blood brain, people are tube this is the best choice after game theory. Second, the interests of the unit. Have to say, if this problem, who is best suited to lead the fundamental solution, the department is best. Note that the best fit is not necessa

"Codevs1421" "The Tree dp" "Game theory" Autumn static leaf & Autumn-rang son

little as possible under the premise of their own to take the most; In the case of both of you taking the best strategy, please calculate the number of leaves for the two at the end of the game.The game always leaves first, ensuring that only one set of solutions exists.Enter a description input DescriptionLine 1th: 1 positive integer n, which indicates the number of leaves in a heapLine 2nd: n integers, n

The beauty of algorithms-game theory + bitwise XOR

Matches game Time Limit: 1000 ms Memory limit: 65536 K Total submissions: 3934 Accepted: 2215 DescriptionHere is a simple game. in this game, there are several piles of matches and two players. the two player play in turn. in each turn, one can choose a pile and take away arbitrary number of matches from the pile (of course t

The simplest example of game theory Tactictoe

advantageous solution to the other.The simplest algorithm is described above, in fact, in a slightly complex board game, this algorithm does not work. The reason for this is that the algorithm recursively iterates through all the possibilities, and in many board games, this is time-consuming. If you pre-calculate all possible and too much storage space. This often requires recursion to a specific depth to end, and because often can not search for the

Simultaneous tactics (Game Theory tricks)

The game is actually a strategic act of interaction. In every confrontation of interests, people are seeking for a winning strategy. The essence of the game lies in the mutual influence and dependency of the participants' strategies. This interaction is embodied in two ways. The first interaction mode occurs simultaneously. For example, in the prisoner's dilemma story, the participants make moves at the sa

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