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The second season of Walking Dead determine the broadcast time

According to foreign media reports, the popular movie drama thedead ingdead held a press conference on the second day of the Comic-Con in Santiago, announcing that the second season of the show will be broadcast at on Sunday, January 1, October 16. Whether it's for fans or cartoon fans, the "Walking Dead" press conference is a must-have event. In According to foreign media reports, The

Cocos2d-x 3.2 Monopoly game project development-Part 2 improve the role walking experience, cocos2d-x Project Development

Cocos2d-x 3.2 Monopoly game project development-Part 2 improve the role walking experience, cocos2d-x Project Development Before obtaining the number of random steps, a friendly prompt should be provided to the player indicating which role to start walking. A few steps are required. In this way, let the role flash before walk

The algorithm of character curve walking in game

diagram.Finally write down the implementation code for C + +:1 //An algorithm to achieve a target point of the NPC curve walking in the client2 voidCalculateposition (out vector2 pos,Constvector2 Vstart,Constvector2 Vend, unsignedintSin_count,floatWidthfloatt)3 {4 if(T 0.0f)5 {6pos =Vstart;7 return;8 }9 Else if(T >1.0f)Ten { Onepos =Vend; A return; - } - theVector2 vsub = Vend-Vstart; - floatLen = sqrtf (v

Cocos2d-x 3.2 Monopoly game project development-the tenth part to achieve people walking in turn, cocos2d-x Project Development

Cocos2d-x 3.2 Monopoly game project development-the tenth part to achieve people walking in turn, cocos2d-x Project Development Now we can only let our roles walk, and our opponents do not act. How can we achieve this in turn? There are two methods: one is to use the frame swiping controller for update, and the other is to use the message mechanism. We try to avoid using the frame swiping controller. Use th

Cocos2d-x 3.2 Monopoly Game project development-part tenth realizes the people take turns walking

= ( string*) data)->intvalue (); VectorVoidgamebasescene::gobuttoncallback (Cocos2d::ccobject *psender) {... .../...../...///After a go-click on a./////After a visit to the Send GO button Vanishing message notificationcenter::getinstance ()->postnotification (Msg_go,string::create ("0"));p layer1-> Startgo (rowvector,colvector); log ("Go button clicked Over");}Voidrichergamecontroller::p Ickoneplayertogo () {for (auto It=gamebasescene::p layers_vector.begin (); it!= Gamebasescene::p layers_vect

Cocos2d-x 3.2 Monopoly Game project development-part 11th promotion of character walking experience

(MARK3); Pathmarkvector.pushback (MARK4);p athmarkvector.pushback (mark5);p athmarkvector.pushback (MARK6);}Draw path occlusion method void Gamebasescene::d rawpathcolor (std::vectorIn the Richerplayer::startgo method, before actually starting to walk, draw the path occlusion effect void Richerplayer::startgo (std::vectorvoid Richergamecontroller::endgo () {//At the end of each move, the current path occlusion effect is set to not be visible, so that each step is completed, and the current path

Javascript game development-component development of "Three Kingdoms Cao Zhuan Chuan" (2) Implementation of character walking-javascript skills

({css code change}, the time needed for completion, callback );. For details, refer to: Workshop. Of course, animate is obvious, but what about callback ??? It was originally hidden in animate. The Code is as follows: Function () {// use animate in jquery to control the walk of a personActionST ++;If (actionST = 100 ){StandCaocao ();}}); // Call callback when the animation is finished. Functions can be put in callback. This code is callback. But we put his position on the function, so it is

Win7 playing big Game card dead or black screen

Q: Never noticed, until a few days ago, "need for Speed 16" and "Battlefield 3" after the discovery can not play, after entering the game card in the game before the start of the reading screen will not move, or the game directly crash point to stay back, to have no reaction after the black screen (sometimes can press shortcut key Ctrl+alt+del switch out, Sometim

Unity, the resulting Mac version of the game when cutting the scene when the card-dead solution

Unity version is 5.1.1, running in the editor is not a problem, the build version of the Windows version of the operation is not a problem, but the build out of the Mac version in the individual scene switch will be stuck, by viewing the log (view build Log Method reference:/HTTP, see the last reported error is:Receiving unhandled NULL exceptionIf you change to development build, you will not get

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