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3D games and 3D movies

Well, I accidentally saw someone posting to ask this question. Then, I thought deeply and found that I couldn't understand it either. Therefore, sort out the information collected on the Internet. Thx to the authers Reference: Http:// Fr = qrl Index = 0 Http:// ========================================================== ================================

Python crawls movie paradise horror movies + Games

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Image Based lighting and physical shading in Iron Man and other movies

, which cannot be very accurate for capture and generate shadow information. A large amount of Spotlight will be used for simulation: (Irradiance volume) Pearl Harbor Michael Bay (the director of "brave island" Pearl Harbor "Transformers") challenged IML to say that it would be more realistic than CG rendering in previous movies, as a result, we all saw that we thought it was a real-time airplane. Just like the war, we were able to push forward techn

Udp-based five-play games and Udp five-play games

Udp-based five-play games and Udp five-play gamesIntroduction This article mainly describes how to use c # in the LAN to write a Wuzi game based on Udp protocol. This article mainly describes the use of Udp, game rendering, and combat logic.Development Environment: vs2013,. Net4.0. The source code download address is provided at the end of the article. Udp Commu

Chinese chess games based on HTML5 and Chinese chess through html5

Chinese chess games based on HTML5 and Chinese chess through html5 Chess games are very mature in desktop games, and there are many Chinese chess versions. Today, this HTML5-based Chinese chess game is very distinctive. We can not only choose the difficulty of Chinese chess

The combination of games and Weibo, the design of a microblog background and front-end (based on mysql ). (1)

course, I don't know about Sina Weibo and QQ Weibo, but our games are all in MySQL. At that time, online data showed that it was very inefficient to use relational databases for Weibo, noSql is becoming more and more eye-catching with the rise of Weibo. cassandra was proposed at that time, so I had a rough understanding of this stuff, and I was not very familiar with it. The boss came and asked me to continue using MySql for the most important and si

Card Phone Games service-side design based on HTTP protocol __ Architecture Design

Background: Mobile gaming platform Server design at present there are mainly based on the socket state connection and HTTP stateless connection two kinds of architectures. Because the mobile phone users of the network traffic sensitivity and changes in the network state than the PC environment to be complex, so for card games basic use of HTTP connection architecture. Basic principle: A server

Requirements for pictures for mobile games based on

Requirements for pictures for mobile games based on Author: Chen yuefeng From: Image files are often used in the development process of mobile games with the following types of images: L 2D image It is generally in PNG format and can be produced using Photoshop, fireworks, and other software. L 3D images Generally m 3G File

Linux is not based on games but on work first.

Linux is not based on games but on work-first-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. I think playing games in linux is just getting a duck on the shelves. Although you can use winex to play with CS, it's boring. I'm not happy to say this to other linux fans. The linux graphical interface is

[POJ3710] Delete and play games on restricted charts in the Christmas Game (tree-based deletion and Game evolution 1) and poj3710christmas

[POJ3710] Delete and play games on restricted charts in the Christmas Game (tree-based deletion and Game evolution 1) and poj3710christmas Reprinted please indicate the source: fact, I feel that the original traffic volume is a little less uncomfortable than unauthorized piracy by 233... Question: A tree chart is followed by a root node. The two sides

In the medium term, if HTML5-based applications and games emerge in large numbers, the advantages of iOS over Android will be greatly weakened? What measures does apple take? -

If HTML5 applications can emerge in the short term, Microsoft's WP7 will not benefit a lot or even succeed. If HTML5 applications can emerge in the short term, Microsoft's WP7 will not benefit a lot or even succeed. Reply: Technically, it is unlikely that HTML5 applications and games will be smooth and integrated into native applications within one year. HTML5 can only be used for simple applications (such as browsing). native apps have great advantag

High-performance animations and games based on HTML5

calls that need to be deferred will be handled with the only ticker that has been started.Now can think of these, perhaps the future encountered a new pit will also be updated.Then in the end it is customary to sublimate the subject. Born and fortunate, in the forefront of the most rapid development of the past few years to choose the right line, into the line, and step by step to today, with the front-end of the tide swept around the world:Animation Game Node Database HybridappThis reminds me

NODE.JS+SOCKET.IO+HTML5 implementation-based landlord Games (1) Overview

based on the overall canvas and the precise coordinates to locate the widget, so the card heap, the card parts, music buttons, etc. placed in a div layer, Floats above the canvas without affecting the operation and layout. The key to the left and right card directly through the event binding to do it.Four, the effect showsFinally added the upper left corner of the chat section, you can send messages and voice, complete the game and add this module, t

Development of RPG games using j2-based technology (2) -- Key Processing Mechanism

Development of RPG games using j2-based technology (2) -- Key Processing Mechanism Author: Chen yuefeng From: In the game, the key processing mechanism also needs to be carefully implemented. Here we will introduce a practical key processing mechanism. In actual games, we generally do not write logic Code directly in the keypresse

Long knowledge of games ------ game AI Based on Behavior tree and state machine (I), ------ ai

Long knowledge of games ------ game AI Based on Behavior tree and state machine (I), ------ ai Sun Guangdong 2014.6.30 AI. Our first impression may be robots, which are mainly about applications in games. Modern computer games have already incorporated a large number of AI elements. The interactions we make when playi

IOS memory optimization and debugging skills (based on cocos2d Games)

Basic 1: image memory size Summary A: Images: Large Memory users, especially mobile game image resources. Computing the usage of image resources in memory has become a frequent task for developers of j2s games. CoCoMo explains how to calculate the usage of images in memory: memory usage = width * height * pixel bytes, the number of pixel bytes varies by model.For example, the memory usage of a 64*64 image on 7210 = 64*64*1.5 = 6144 (bytes) = 6 K. memo

35 excellent HTML5-based web games

:// "/>Fieldrunners 650) this. width = 650; "class =" alignnone size-large wp-image-11765 "title =" fieldrunners "alt =" "width =" 600 "height =" 303 "src =" "/> You may also like Share 21 colorful HTML5 games 8 amazing HTML5 and JavaScript Effects We recommend 20 amazing HTML5 application examples 21 best HTML 5 web

Summary on the development of web-based killer games

The website version of The killbar and youlian are the two main online killer games. At work, I also developed a website version of the killer game according to the company's requirements. Although the project has been developed and all functions are basically available, there are still some performance problems. Although most of the data processing has been sent back to the Js of each client for extraction and analysis, the data interaction between t

Social games based on web chat rooms-Vue, Axios

Portal for the previous series of posts: code GitHub address Https:// code GitHub address Https:// Presentation AddressAxios, it is recommended to replace the development component of resource in vue2.0 to request resources.Installing AxiosInstall Axios-saveReference in CodeImport Axios from ' Axios 'true== ' ';This only pre

2048 web games based on Html+css+javascript

The code is as follows: If you need source code packaging resources I have uploaded to the resources, you can downloadDownload finished if you feel good please give your praise Yo ProTo change the probability of a 4 occurrence, you can change the value of 0.35. function PRD () {var otable = document.getElementById ("Mytab");var myrows= otable.rows;var Rowno=math.floor (Math.random ());var cellno= math.floor (Math.random ());var itemnum=math.round (Math.random ()-0.35); 2048 web

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