games made by supercell

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Made several small games with WPF

Recently tired of reading, refer to other people's Code (in fact, almost the code to re-hit the O (╯-╰) o), using WPF to do a "2048" mini-game, by the way in the "Git Tutorial" learning git, also in the "write let others can read code" Harvested plug-in used up (and before the Visualassist function has repeatedly adjusted for half a day (╯‵-′) ╯︵┻━┻, but after the integration is really useful). And then use this interface to write a few other games, a

Home-made games have been very powerful, it is called Chinese learning machine

vaguely remember that the little buddy put a tape in the machine, and then the TV screen began to appear a simple villain, the villain on the screen running back and forth. The excitement of my childhood when I saw that scene was hard to say now. What's more, I actually saw a computer keyboard that I used to see only in movies. After the little partner demonstrated a game and opened another programming interface (which I later learned to be called basic), he hit the keyboard and played a series

Libgdx games made with spine skeleton animations

(Official website: Spineboy is a cross-platform game (Windows,mac,linux) developed using spine and LIBGDX, and spine is a 2D game animation tool. Super Spineboy is a game that uses spine skeletal animation. DownloadSuper Spineboy can run on Windows,mac or Linux. The minimum JDK version is JDK 6. as follows:Click to downloadRun Super Spineboy, double-click Run Superspineboy.jar, or download from the command line:Java-jar Superspineboy.jarcontrol mode1, the left mouse button sh

JS-made word Games

You make the word game. (: JS-made word games

Flip Puzzle web games made

!=8x_right_id!=12) ar[x_right_id]++; Shuaxin (); Win ();}The above is the main processing function. Click to get the current ID, remove the first 3 characters, and then change into a number to handle the changes in the two-dimensional array. You can see that the method is still relatively stupid, because the boundary is calculated by itself, finally add refresh function, and judge the Victory function.function Shuaxin () {for (var i = 1;i Function win () {for (var i = 0; i And then

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