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Tools for bulk decrypting various objects in SQL Server database Dbforge SQL decryptor

Tags: style blog http io ar color OS using SPSource: Tools for bulk decrypting various objects in SQL Server database Dbforge SQL decryptorTools for bulk decrypting various objects in SQL Server database Dbforge SQL Decryptor2.1.11Previously wrote an article using Redgate Company's SQL Prompt tool, but not very convenientSQLPROMPT5.3 decryption tests on various cryptographic objectsSQL2005 decryption of stored procedures that have been encryptedYesterday Ahdung child shoes introduced this tool t

Analysis of BPE32 polymorphism Engine

codes (including using undisclosed SALC commands) Let's take a look at the input parameters for BPE32 calls,ESI -- point to the virus data to be encrypted.EDI-points to a piece of memory data, which is used to store the encryptor generated by BPE32 and encrypted data.ECX: the count of the encryption and decryption data. The encryption and decryption operations are performed in 4 bytes. The data is obtained by the formula (_ end-start + 3)/4.EBP -- used for relocation.Output parameters,EAX-the s

. NET encryption technology application

. ASCII. GetBytes (this. iv );Byte [] keyb = Encoding. ASCII. GetBytes (this. EncryptKey );Byte [] toDecrypt = this. EncodingMode. GetBytes (str );Byte [] deCrypted = new byte [toDecrypt. Length];ICryptoTransform deCryptor = des. CreateDecryptor (keyb, ivb );MemoryStream msDecrypt = new MemoryStream (toDecrypt );CryptoStream csDecrypt = new CryptoStream (msDecrypt, deCryptor, CryptoStreamMode. Read );Try{Cs

Microsoft Rc2cryptoserviceprovider Plus Decryption

[] Toencrypt = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes (original); Write all data to the crypto stream and flush it. Csencrypt.write (toencrypt, 0, toencrypt.length); Csencrypt.flushfinalblock (); Get the encrypted array of bytes. Byte[] encrypted = Msencrypt.toarray (); /**//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////This is where the data could be Tran Smitted or saved. /**/////////////////////////////////////////////////

Apply. NET encryption Technology (cryptographic Class code reference)

){Byte[] Ivb=encoding.ascii.getbytes (THIS.IV);Byte[] Keyb=encoding.ascii.getbytes (this. Encryptkey);Byte[] Todecrypt=this. Encodingmode.getbytes (str);Byte[] Decrypted=new byte[todecrypt.length];ICryptoTransform decryptor=des. CreateDecryptor (KEYB,IVB);MemoryStream msdecrypt=new MemoryStream (todecrypt);CryptoStream csdecrypt=new CryptoStream (msdecrypt,decryptor,;Try{

Asp. NET encryption technology application (encryption class code reference)

){This. EncryptFile (Filepath,filepath);}/**////Decrypt the given stringpublic string decryptstring (String str){Byte[] Ivb=encoding.ascii.getbytes (THIS.IV);Byte[] Keyb=encoding.ascii.getbytes (this. Encryptkey);Byte[] Todecrypt=this. Encodingmode.getbytes (str);Byte[] Decrypted=new byte[todecrypt.length];ICryptoTransform decryptor=des. CreateDecryptor (KEYB,IVB);MemoryStream msdecrypt=new MemoryStream (todecrypt);CryptoStream csdecrypt=new CryptoStr

How to store an encrypted connection string in the registry

[] ciphertext = enc. Encrypt (plaintext, key); Store initialization vectors, decryption requires The vector Txtinitializationvector.text = Encoding.ASCII.GetString (ENC.IV); Display encrypted string Txtencryptedstring.text = convert.tobase64string (ciphertext); } catch (Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show ("Exception occurred while encrypting:" + ex.) Message, "Encryption test sleeve"); } 9. Return to Form1 in designer mode, and then double-click the Decrypt button to create a button click event

Symmetric key encryption and decryption in cryptography: A Study of Fernet algorithm

= encryptor.update (b"a secret message") +encryptor.finalize ()>>> decryptor =Cipher.decryptor ()>>> Decryptor.update (CT) +decryptor.finalize ()'a secret message'in addition to specifying algorithms and patterns, and generating random keys, the CBC mode needs to generate a random initial vector IV, as well as an IV when decrypting. The fernet module of the Cryptography library encapsulates the operation of symmetric encryption and provides three bas

Microsoft rc2cryptoserviceprovider's negligence in encryption

. /**/ /**/ /**/ //////////////////////////////////////// /////////////// // Get a decryptor that uses the same key and IV as the encryptor. Icryptotransform decryptor = Rc2csp. createdecryptor (Key, IV ); // Now decrypt the previusly encrypted message using the decryptor // Obtained in the above step. Memorystream msdecrypt = New Memo

Asp. The application of net encryption technology

version of the file encryption function, if you do not specify an output path,Then the original file will be overwritten by the encrypted filepublic void EncryptFile (string filePath)... {This. EncryptFile (Filepath,filepath);}/**//**//**////Decrypt the given stringpublic string decryptstring (String str)... {Byte[] Ivb=encoding.ascii.getbytes (THIS.IV);Byte[] Keyb=encoding.ascii.getbytes (this. Encryptkey);Byte[] Todecrypt=this. Encodingmode.getbytes (str);Byte[] Decrypted=new byte[todecrypt.l

Encryption and decryption technology in. net

cryptostream to the ciphertext stream. Finally, the encrypted data is obtained from the ciphertext stream. When decryption is performed, stream is the ciphertext stream (at this time, the ciphertext stream contains data); icryptotransform is the decryption tool created in step 1, including the decryption algorithm; cryptostreammode enumeration is read, this means that data in the ciphertext stream is read to the byte [] array, and then converted from byte [] to the plain text stream and plaint

C # simple encryption

. cryptography. aesmanaged AES = new system. Security. cryptography. aesmanaged ();System. Security. cryptography. rfc2898derivebytes RFC = new system. Security. cryptography. rfc2898derivebytes (pwdvalue, salt );AES. blocksize = AES. legalblocksizes [0]. maxsize;AES. keysize = AES. legalkeysizes [0]. maxsize;AES. Key = RFC. getbytes (AES. keysize/8 );AES. IV = RFC. getbytes (AES. blocksize/8 );// Use the current key attribute and the initialization vector IV to create a symmetric encryptor obje

Cryptographic decryption helper Class (symmetric encryption)

1 //Symmetric encryption Helper class2 Public Static classCryptohelper3 {4 //For more information, refer to Private StaticICryptoTransform encryptor;//Crypto Object6 Private StaticICryptoTransform decryptor;//Decryption Object7 8 Private StaticSymmetricAlgorithm Provider = Symmetricalgorithm.create ("TripleDES");9 Ten Private Const

Encryption and decryption in. net

Icryptotransform decryptor; // Encryptor object Private Const Int Buffersize = 1024 ; Public Cryptohelper ( String Algorithmname, String Key ){Symmetricalgorithm provider = Using ricalgorithm. Create (algorithmname );Provider. Key = Encoding. utf8.getbytes (key );Provider. iv = New Byte [] { 0x12 , 0x34 , 0x56 , 0x78 , 0x90 , 0xab , 0xcd , 0xef }; Encryptor=Provider. createencryptor ();

C # Simple Encryption class Instance _c# tutorial

. Key = RfC. GetBytes (AES. KEYSIZE/8); AES.IV = RfC. GetBytes (AES. BLOCKSIZE/8); Creates a symmetric decryption object with the current Key property and initialization vector IV System.Security.Cryptography.ICryptoTransform decrypttransform = AES. CreateDecryptor (); Post-decryption output stream MemoryStream decryptstream = new MemoryStream (); Connect the decrypted target stream (Decryptstream) to the decryption Transformation (decrypttransform) System.Security.Cryptography.CryptoStre

A class that can be used to encrypt/decrypt

Symmetricdecrypt (string sencryptedtext) { Byte[] byteencrypted; MemoryStream Plaintextstream; ICryptoTransform decryptor; CryptoStream Thecryptostream; if (Sencryptedtext = = "") return ""; byteencrypted = convert.frombase64string (Sencryptedtext.trim ()); Plaintextstream = new MemoryStream (sencryptedtext.length); Decryptor = Getdecryptor (); Thecryptostream = new CryptoStream (Plaintextstream,

Computer encryption anti-tracking technology ciphertext Technology

consisting of two key codes, three key codes, and more key codes.3. set the display performance of the monitor: When the encryption system does not need to display information on the screen, you can disable the screen in various ways, so that the decryption cannot obtain any information returned by the tracing debugging software, to prevent the decryptor From deciphering the encryption system. This anti-tracking technology also has five types of impl

[★]. Net-based encryption and decryption algorithm summary [2]

. signdata (encrypted. toarray (), new sha1cryptoserviceprovider ());} The last output of the above four steps is encrypted, key, IV, and signature. DEMO code for decryption:1. Get the key...2. Verify the Digital Signature...{Asyuncricprovider. importparameters (sender_publickey );Bool verify = asypolicricprovider. verifydata (encrypted, new sha1cryptoserviceprovider (), signature)}3. decrypt the key and initialization Vector...{Asypolicricprovider. importparameters (receiver_privatekey );Byt

Use httpmodule to automatically encrypt and decrypt query string query strings

= new cryptostream (memorystream, encryptor, cryptostreammode. Write )){Cryptostream. Write (plaintext, 0, plaintext. Length );Cryptostream. flushfinalblock ();Return "? "+ Parameter_name + convert. tobase64string (memorystream. toarray ());}}}} /// /// Decrypts A previusly encrypted string./// /// /// Public static string decrypt (string inputtext){Rijndaelmanaged rijndaelcipher = new rijndaelmanaged ();Byte [] encrypteddata = convert. frombase64string (inputtext );Passwordderivebytes secretke

C # implements DES Encryption and decryption, AES encryption and decryption

the memory stream object into an encrypted stream objectusing (CryptoStream decryptor = new CryptoStream (Memory,Cryptoprovider.createdecryptor (Bkey, Bvector),CryptoStreamMode.Read)){Clear Text Storage Areausing (MemoryStream originalmemory = new MemoryStream ()){byte[] Buffer = new byte[1024];Int32 readbytes = 0;while ((Readbytes = (Buffer, 0, buffer.length)) > 0){Originalmemory.write (Buffer, 0, readbytes);}Original = Originalmemory

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