gartner mobile device security comparison of platforms

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Performance comparison of mobile development platforms

Jquerymobile is a JS frame under the mobile platform, with PhoneGap not a dime relationship. PhoneGap in fact, in the domestic share is not high, many people in order to experience like to do traditional native mobile phone applications. And WebApp's share of the current is getting smaller, Because more and more people do not like to use the mobile browser to exp

Mobile Device Security WAP mobile Internet Anti-Virus Strategy

its diversified functions, the next generation of wap mobile phones will bring about more disasters. Viruses that attack the wap mobile phone may automatically enable the phone recording function, automatically call the phone, delete the file content on the mobile phone, and even generate a large amount of phone bills. To avoid Virus Infection on

New trends in Intranet security: Coping with mobile device threats

I have previously shared with you some personal views on the two cutting-edge technologies that may be used in the Intranet security field (sandbox that has not been widely used, and access control that has become more mature, today, I will discuss with you a topic that may be more cutting-edge for domestic enterprises: the threat that mobile device applications

Four measures to manage and control Enterprise Mobile Device Security

Patrick Salmon, a Mobile designer of Enterprise Mobile, a technology service company specializing in Windows Mobile applications, said that if you ask a stranger to borrow a smartphone from your company, you may have given your company data as a gift to that person. The reason is: the person may be able to insert a device

Using Exchange Server to troubleshoot mobile device security issues

It is increasingly common for users to use mobile handheld devices to establish VPN connections with corporate networks. Although the VPN connection itself uses PPTP or IPSec encryption, the device itself can have significant security implications. The problem with mobile devices is that they are completely out of cont

Common mobile device size comparison

Common mobile device size comparison System type Device Name Length * Width Device pixel ratio Ios iphone4 320 * 480 2 Iphone5 320 * 568 2 Iphone6 375 * 667 2

HTTPS bidirectional authentication to build mobile device security system

HTTPS bidirectional authentication to build mobile device security systemFor enterprise projects with high security requirements, we sometimes want to be able to authenticate clients. At this point we can use the two-way authentication mechanism of HTTPS to implement this function.One-way authentication: Ensure that th

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