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WINDOWS10 default gateway not available troubleshooting method

Symptom: Acer notebook, WINDOWS10 64-bit operating system, the Internet during the frequent drop-off (about 20-30 minutes a time), with the system's own diagnostic features, diagnostic display is the default gateway is not available, and then network recovery, office and dormitory are the case. Basically you can determine the problem with your computer, and the driver updates to the latest version with soft

Once Nginx 504 Gateway time-out error troubleshooting, resolution Records _nginx

Remember a puzzling site lost response to the troubleshooting. The site has been using Nginx to do proxy back-end Apache running PHP to provide services. Apache often does not have a regular time to be unable to service loss of response, and then nginx appear "504 Gateway time-out"Looking at the error log also does not see anything that is the Apache bug (in fact not, the following will say why). Perhaps o

Nginx and php-fpm 504 Gateway Time-out troubleshooting and Solutions

Nginx and php-fpm 504 Gateway Time-out troubleshooting and SolutionsMany people may have encountered 504 Gateway Time-out. Sometimes it is confusing.Solution:1. Baidu allows many people to say that you can adjust the nginx configuration or php-fpm configuration, and you can configure Baidu. However, many of them have tried nothing soft to use.2. try the above met

The local computer cannot start Apache troubleshooting and apache troubleshooting

The local computer cannot start Apache troubleshooting and apache troubleshooting Recently, due to work needs, I have to learn the basic programming of PHP, so I learned how to set up the working environment of PHP. However, as described in the textbook, after WMAP is installed, it cannot run successfully. Then we found that Apache has never been running. Go to t

The local computer fails to start Apache troubleshooting, Apache troubleshooting _php Tutorial

The local computer fails to start Apache troubleshooting, Apache fault handling Recently, due to work needs, to learn the basic programming of PHP, so learning to set up PHP working environment. However, as described in the textbook, after the installation of WMAP, has been unable to run successfully. It was found that Apache was not running. Go to the Apache option in WMAP to select Start but not start. A

Computer can not open the problem of troubleshooting method diagram (Hardware troubleshooting)

Hardware troubleshooting 1. Check your power cord again is not plugged well is very necessary, host, monitor! And make sure your power is unblocked. 2. Disassemble the host to see if your memory stick is plugged in, or unplug the memory strips, and try 3. The discharge of your computer, (unplug the power cord, press the power-on key) 4. Discharge Your Bois! 5. Make sure your

Computer name DNS gateway IP (you can use to learn) _dos/bat

@echo off : Main Cls Echo. Echo. echo 1. Generate automatic configuration computer name, DNS, Gateway, IP script, IPX internal network number Echo. Echo 2, automatic network engraving server configuration Echo. Echo 3. Telecom netcom line switch generator Echo. Echo 4. Exit script Echo. echo Please enter 1,2,3 or 4, enter other characters, the consequences are at your own risk. : Restart1 set/p select= Ple

Computer Default Gateway Setup method

Computer default gateway How to set? This is also a common network setup problem that most new users will encounter, the default gateway of a computer can not be casually specified, must be specified correctly, or a computer will send the packet to a

Solution: Industrial Computer + Digium Board + grandstream Voice Gateway

Scenario 1 IPC + E1 Digital Card (Access) + 24-Port analog card Description: Two plates inserted industrial computer, fully integrated, the price of more than 17000 yuan (not counted industrial computer) Scenario 2 Industrial Computer + E1 Digital Card (access), 24-Port Voice gateway device Description: Industrial

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the functions of the Computer Host gateway! -Interesting

What is the role of the Computer Host Gateway? Suppose your name is Tom. You live in a big courtyard. Your neighbors have many friends. At the door, there is another Uncle Li who looks at the door. Uncle Li is your gateway. When you want to play with a friend in the yard, as long as you shout out his name in the yard, he will respond to you when he hears it and r

Windows7 computer does not go to the net, ipconfig query when the default gateway will appear Problem Resolution

Use Ipconfig to view the network configuration, found that the other is correct, but the default gateway more than a record. Disabling network connections is not enabled or recoverable. I got a look on the Internet. Change the registry, open the registry to findhkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip\parameters\interfaces\ XXXXX in the corresponding network card, the DhcpDefaultGateway key value of the top data row d

Win7 Computer IP subnet mask and default gateway method

method One: First locate any other networked computer on the same LAN, and then double-click the Local Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) entry, and fill in the default gateway and subnet mask inside the computer.   Method Two: 1, find the same LAN other normal operation of the computer, click on the Win+r key combination,

Fan working computer does not start the troubleshooting method

Believe that many users have encountered the power switch, the fan works but the computer does not start, for the system after the boot of a small number of problems, most users can also be resolved, but encountered even on the boot can not start the problem, most users do not know where to start to solve. In fact, the computer can not start the failure of the normal tr

Troubleshooting of computer screen jitter and flickering Problems

jitter or flickering, the exclusion method is to put the computer in another empty place and then observe, you can also take a good computer from another place to test and eliminate it. Try not to bring the display near a large electrical product. You can also restart the computer monitor to check whether the current display has the automatic degaussing function

Computer black Screen Troubleshooting example

Computer black screen fault commonly known as "monitor can not be lit", is a common computer failure, but also a difficult to deal with the fault, especially for beginners. The author has encountered a case of such a failure two days ago, the process of troubleshooting is introduced to everyone, I hope to give you in the future to deal with such failures to do a

[Computer troubleshooting] cell broadband is unable to access the Internet (China Unicom)

Today, a colleague to reflect that the community broadband can not be normal Internet.Steps he has dealt with:Go to the business hall to see if the payment is normal. NormalI recommend that he do the other steps that should be checked:0, check the computer is normal? (Can be replaced by another computer test)1, check the router is normal? You can connect your computer

Computer can not detect the U disk troubleshooting

New bought a U disk, with a few days, it was found that the computer can not detect U disk. is the u disk broken? It should not be possible, the purchase is authentic, so a series of troubleshooting work to find out where the problem lies. Now let's take a look at the general steps of the investigation. First, the identified USB devices can be used (such as: USB mouse, u disk, USB keyboard, USB camera, etc

Troubleshooting of automatic computer reboot and Shutdown (4) -- Review in some places

. It is initially suspected that the CPU temperature is too high, but the CPU temperature tested by the software is still within the normal range. Fault Analysis: Many mainboards now have built-in control chips that can automatically monitor CPU temperature and shut down when the temperature is too high. However, if you set the BIOS warning temperature value to automatically shut down. Known solution: Go to BIOS settings and increase the "shutdown temperature" value in the "PC health" pr

[Computer troubleshooting] an Excel file cannot be opened directly by double-clicking

, 00 [Hkey_classes_root \ applications \ excel. exe \ shell \ printto \ ddeexec] @ = "[open (\" % 1 \ ")] [Print (1, 2, \ "% 2 \")] [close ()]" [Hkey_classes_root \ applications \ excel. exe \ shell \ printto \ ddeexec \ Application] @ = "Excel" [Hkey_classes_root \ applications \ excel. exe \ shell \ printto \ ddeexec \ ifexec] @ = "[open (\" % 1 \ ")] [Print (1 ,,,,,,,,,,, 2, \ "% 2 \")] [quit ()]" [Hkey_classes_root \ applications \ excel. exe \ shell \ printto \ ddeexec \ topic] @ = "system"

Troubleshooting system administrators are not allowed to log on to a remote computer with saved credentials

In peacetime, we often remotely log on to Windows computers, although the Remote Desktop link tool provided by Microsoft provides the ability to remember the credentials, but we still have to prompt each time "system administrator does not allow the use of saved credentials to log on to the remote computer, because it does not fully verify its label, Please enter a new credential ", which will cause us to re-enter the password.Log off requires a remot

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