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Python tries to do the Gaussian blur of the image under the algorithm

What is Gaussian blur?(Take a look at Wikipedia's definition of it)Gaussian Blur is the result of a blurred image. It is a widely used graphic software effect that typically reduces image noise and reduces detail. The visual effect of this blur

Traditional Gaussian blur and optimization algorithm (with complete C + + code)

Gaussian Blur (English: Gaussian Blur), also known as Gaussian smoothing, is a widely used processing effect in image processing software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and, often used to reduce image noise and reduce levels of detail. The

Image Gaussian blur application-involving the use of libjpeg, NDK operations on Surfaceview, image obfuscation, source code

Reprint please keep the original link:'s microblog, circle of friends, all kinds of social platforms are filled with photos, selfies or a variety of life records also take photos as their main means,

OpenCV Gaussian Blur

Gaussian Blur is an image fuzzy filter that calculates the transformation of each pixel in an image with a normal distribution. N-dimensional normal distribution equation is In a two-dimensional space defined as where R

The algorithm of Gaussian Blur

Transferred from:, the image processing software provides a "blur" (blur) filter that blurs the image.There are many kinds of "fuzzy" algorithms, one of which is called "Gaussian

Delphi Image Processing-Gaussian blur

Reading Tips: 《Delphi Image ProcessingThe series focuses on efficiency. The general code is Pascal, and the core code is BaSm. 《C ++ Image ProcessingThe series focuses on code clarity and readability, and all uses C ++ code. Make sure that the two

Gaussian smoothing Gaussian fuzzy Gaussian filter (Gaussian smoothing, Gaussian Blur, Gaussian Filter) C + + implementation

 Developed to the current smoothing algorithm, I have no idea how to name this article, had to list some keywords to facilitate the search.Before we mentioned the mean filter, which means that the color of a pixel is determined by the pixel

Gaussian blur principle, algorithm

Gaussian blur principle, algorithmReference article: Some knowledge points of image convolution and filtering  To learn Gaussian blur we first need to know some basic concepts:Basic concepts of linear filtering and convolutionlinear filtering can be

Image processing-Gaussian filtering

Some content is organized

Some Properties of Gaussian Functions

Gaussian Blur is an image fuzzy filter that uses normal distribution to calculate the transformation of each pixel in an image. The normal distribution equation of n-dimensional space is In two-dimensional space, it is defined WhereRIs the Blur

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