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Machine learning Notes (10) EM algorithm and practice (with mixed Gaussian model (GMM) as an example to the second complete EM)

What we're going to talk about today is the EM algorithm. At first sight of EM I thought of my big maple brother, em Master, maxima, RUA!!! I wonder if anyone reading this blog understands the stem. Ok, so to speak, today's EM algorithm, the full

HDOJ 4305-Lightning: determining the online segment of a vertex + constructing a Matrix Tree to survive the decision Tree + Gaussian elimination

Question: There are N points on the two-dimensional plane... if the distance between two points is not greater than R and there are no other points in the line segment .. you can connect an edge .. ask now .. how many spanning trees does this graph

Machine learning: Bayesian classifier (ii)--Gaussian naive Bayesian classifier code implementation

Implementation of a Gaussian naive Bayesian classifier code On-line search does not call Sklearn implementation of naïve Bayesian classifier is very few, even if there is also a combination of text classification of the polynomial or Bernoulli

Adaptive Background Mixture Models for real-time tracking

Real-time tracking of adaptive hybrid background model Chris stauffer W. e.l grimsonbob Kuo Translation: Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Zhangye City, Ma 02139 SummaryCommon methods for real-time

Photoshop Peeling Tutorial: Keeping details Manual grinding process

In this tutorial we introduce how to maintain the skin texture, mainly manual grinding, want to get good results, it is necessary patience and careful oh. In this tutorial we introduce how to maintain the skin texture, mainly manual grinding, want

Repeat the old books to deeply understand what linear algebra is.

Linear Algebra is a major branch of Higher Algebra. We know that a single equation is called a linear equation, and the algebra for discussing Linear Equations and linear operations is called a linear algebra. The most important content in linear

5 big clustering algorithms that data scientists need to know

Clustering is a machine learning technique that involves grouping data points. Given a set of data points, a clustering algorithm can be used to classify each data point into a specific group. In theory, the same set of data points have similar

LearningOpenCV2.4.9 image smoothing cvSmooth

Win7VS2013OpenCV2.4.9 I. cvSmooth function usage is translated from OpenCV2.4.7. The Appendix defines the prototype spanstylefont-size: 14px; voidcvSmooth (constCvArr * src, input image CvArr * dst, output image, the general size is the same as that

ArcGIS Image Registration and spatial registration

ArcGIS Image Registration and spatial registrationArcGIS Image Registration and spatial registrationMap registration can be divided into video registration and spatial registration. The image registration object is a raster graph, such as a TIFF

ArcGIS Image Registration and spatial registration

The original address is as follows: ArcGIS Image Registration and spatial registration-sunliming-Blog ParkHttp:// Map registration can be divided into video registration and spatial

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