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Gcd (greatest common divisor) [calculate the maximum common divisor]

The following snippet is copied from the book (structure and interpretation of computer programs 1.2.5) ----------------------------------------------- The greatest common divisor (GCD) of two integers A and B is defined to be the largest integer

Two greatest common divisor algorithms of "turn"

1. the Euclidean methodThe greatest common divisor is a method of finding two natural numbers, also called Euclidean algorithm.For example, ask for GCD (319,377):∵377÷319=1 (Yu 58)∴GCD (377,319) =GCD (319,58);∵319÷58=5 (Yu 29),∴GCD (319,58) =GCD (58

Greatest common divisor (GCD) algorithm (Euclid)

One article reproduced from the three fist of the farmerEuclidean algorithm and extended Euclidean algorithmEuclidean algorithm, also known as the greatest common divisor method, is used to calculate two integers, a, b, and so on. Its computational

The 2nd chapter The charm of numbers--greatest common divisor problem

Greatest common divisor problem descriptionWrite a program that asks for a greatest common divisor of two positive integers. If two positive integers are large, what are the simple algorithms?Analysis and solution of "solution one"The simplest

Euclidean algorithm for greatest common divisor (GCD)

The greatest common divisor algorithm for Euclidean algorithm,The code is as follows:int gcd (int a, int b) {if (b = = 0) return A; else gcd (b, a% b Prove:For a, B, there is a = kb + R (A, K, B, r are integers), where r = a mod B.Make d A and b a

Euclidean algorithm for greatest common divisor + least common multiple

1, two number coprime: if the two number of the public factor is only 1, then it can be said that the two numbers coprime. Euclidean algorithm for greatest common divisor:First, greatest common divisor, suppose we ask for a and b 's greatest common

To seek greatest common divisor--[js practice by dividing the law

Topic Background ApproximateIf a number a can be divisible by a number B, a is called a multiple of B, and B is called a 约数 .Greatest common divisorGreatest common divisor is a two-digit number that everyone can meet and the largest number.Euclidean

Greatest common divisor, least common multiple "number theory"

Function: Greatest common divisor of A and BIncoming parameters: integer A, integer bOutgoing parameters: Greatest common divisor of A and BAlgorithm 1: Euclidean algorithmTime complexity: O (N)Implementation principle:For A, B (a>b) of two, the

[Huawei Machine Test exercises]55. Greatest common Divisor & multiple number of greatest common divisor

TopicDescribe:输入2个数字,最后输出2个数字的最大公约数Topic Category:Difficulty:Run time limit:无限制Memory Limit:无限制Stage:Input:2个整数Output:输出数字1和2的最大公约数Sample input:2 3Sample output:1Code/* ---------------------------------------* Date: 2015-07-05* sjf0115* title:

Brief discussion on the principle and simple application of Stein algorithm for greatest common divisor (GCD)

Stein algorithm process and its simple proof 1. General steps: S1: When both numbers are even, divide them by 2 to at least one number of odd numbers, and the product of all common factor 2 that is recorded is k;s2: if there is still an even number,

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