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Multithreading and network development for iOS: multithreading GCD and ios multithreading development gcd

Multithreading and network development for iOS: multithreading GCD and ios multithreading development gcd Master haomeng is devoted to his contribution and respects the author's Labor achievements. Do not repost them. If the article is helpful to

IOS multithreading 02-pthread, Nsthread, GCD, Nsoperationqueue, Nsrunloop

Note: I am a translator, and add a bit of my opinion. Points: 1. Preface 2.pthread 3.NSThread 4.Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) 5.Opearation Queues 6. Run Loops 7. Challenges in multithreaded programming 8. Resource Sharing 9. Mutual exclusion Lock 10.

GCD introduction (II): multi-core performance

Concept To make full use of the advantages of multiple cores in a single process, we need to use multi-threaded Technology (we do not need to mention multiple processes, which is irrelevant to gcd ). At the lower layer, gcd global dispatch queue

GCD and Delay calls

GCD and Delay callsPosted by Wang Wei (@ONEVCAT) on 2015/05/13The sample code in this section needs to be run in the Xcode project environment because Playground cannot be dispatched in a thread without special configuration. The correct results may

GCD usage summary for iOS development

GCD usage summary for iOS developmentGCD is an underlying multi-threaded mechanism of iOS. Today, we will summarize the common APIs and concepts of GCD and hope to help you learn them. The concept of GCD queue is in multi-thread development.

Multi-thread gcd (Grand central Dispatch)

GCD is a pure C language, but it is also soluble in object-oriented thinking, based on block. 1, GCD Advantages: Ease of use: GCD is easier to use than thread, and the block-based feature makes it extremely simple to pass the context

Swift-Multithreaded implementations-Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)

1,swift continues to use Object-c's original set of threads, including three multithreaded programming techniques:(1) Thread(2) Cocoa operation (operation and Operationqueue)(3) Grand Central Dispath (GCD)2, this article highlights the Grand Central

GCD basics for iOS development (I ))

Review and learn about GCD and Block. I will post a good article on the basic usage of GCD. Address: http://blog.csdn.net/aolan1108/article/details/17283415     After two years of ios development, I would like to calm down and think about it and

Multithreaded gcd-Center Scheduler

MultithreadingPersonal understanding generally a program has a main thread, mainly control the click, UI interface, if a time-consuming operation, the user experience is quite rubbish, so we will talk about executing time-consuming operation to a

GCD Use summary of iOS development

GCD is one of the underlying multithreading mechanisms of iOS, and today summarizes the common APIs and concepts of GCD, hoping to help everyone learn.The concept of the GCD queueIn multithreaded development, programmers simply define what they want

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