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AWS SNS Mobile device Push service (GCM mode)

The AWS Cloud service provides a very sophisticated service, and the messaging push service for mobile devices is also very good, very low cost, and good performance.Although the AWS official web site has a lot of steps to explain, but I still take

Go Android Push Scenario analysis (MQTT/XMPP/GCM)

Transferred from: http://m.oschina.net/blog/82059The main purpose of this article is to analyze and contrast the most mainstream message push schemes on the Android platform, objectively reflect the advantages and disadvantages of these push schemes,

Android m new features doze and APP Standby mode detailed

Reference:Optimizing for Doze and APP StandbyAndroid m new features doze and APP Standby mode detailedDeep android6.0 Device Idle stateDoes the third-party push service still work in Android M's Doze mode?Optimizing for Doze and APP Standby

E-commerce website HTTPS Practice Road (iii)-Performance optimization Chapter

By analyzing the details of the TLS handshake process, we find that HTTPS increases multiple RTT network transfer times over HTTP, increasing the service-side overhead and slowing down the client response time. Therefore, performance optimization is

[Slide sharing] Android message push implementation | umeng Xu xianming | Android devcamp

Technical implementation of Android app practical functions: Android message push implementation | Android devcamp Topic Introduction: as an important demand for mobile application development, Microsoft and Apple provide good message push solutions

centos7.x Compile and install full-featured Nginx

DescriptionAccording to this document to compile and install Nginx, can be the default functionality of the Nginx all installed, the reader can also be their own according to the actual situation to delete the module needs to be compiled.The

Solution: Gravatar profile pictures, Google fonts, and Google ajax cannot be used

Gravatar portraits are occasionally inaccessible in mainland China, and there are also a variety of google services that cannot be used. It is intolerable for "a programmer.So he got a solution: Use nginx Reverse proxy Gravatar avatar, Google fonts,

Nginx Security Configuration about SSL in the server _nginx

This article shows you how to set stronger SSL on a Nginx Web server. We are implementing this method by weakening the crime attack by invalidating the SSL. Do not use the vulnerable SSLv3 in the protocol and the following version and we will set up

Common HTTPS attack methods

Common HTTPS attack methods0x00 background Study common https attack methods Beast crime breach, and puts forward some suggestions for secure deployment of https Based on https features. HTTPS attacks are mostly used in man-in-the-middle attacks.

Android background scheduling task and provincial power detailed _android

I. Handler: Effective use during the course of survival, Google official recommended. Simple and easy to use. Stable and efficient. II. Alarmmanager: Use the system-level alarm clock service (holds wake Lock).This is the best choice if you need

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