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Code coverage-Use of gcov lcov

1.Gcov viewing arm-Linux code coverage I. About the gcov Tool Gcov is released with GCC. Add the-fprofile-arcs-ftest-coverage parameter to the GCC compilation to generate a binary program, and execute the test case to generate code coverage

Gcov and GPRO

Zach Frey translation Roland Optimizing the correct code is easier than debugging the optimized code.-- Yves Deville Maybe you don't know what the purpose of gcov in the GCC tool set is, maybe you need to adjust the new project at hand, or your

Embedded Platform Components white box test Gcov, Lcov, and genhtml use guide

The Gtest white Box test tool is used on the embedded platform , which covers the measured function, but does not know the effect of the test, test line coverage, function coverage, branch coverage data. began to study Gcov whether this code

C ++ code coverage profiling with GCC/gcov

C ++ code coverage profiling with GCC/gcov Submitted by bobah on Wed, 01/27/2010-17:42 Http://www.bobah.net/d4d/tools/code-coverage-with-gcov The coverage analysis with GCC/gcov includes three following steps * Instrumented application

Gcov unit test coverage rate

The unit test coverage rate means that each line of code should be covered by unit tests. Therefore, it is necessary to write a unit test for each method. In addition, if there are many if statement branches in this method, it should also be covered

The use of GDB debugging and debugging scripts under Linux gcc/g++

GDB debugging and the use of debug scriptsReturn Script BlackstoneFirst, GDB debugging1.1. GDB OverviewGDB is a powerful UNIX program debugging tool released by the GNU Open source organization. Perhaps, you prefer that graphical interface, such as

Use of GDB debugging and debugging scripts

I. GDB debugging 1.1. GDB Overview GDB is a powerful Unix program debugging tool released by the GNU open-source organization. Maybe you prefer the graphical interface, such as Vc, BCB, and other ide debugging, but if you are running software on

C code coverage Tool

From: http://qa.taobao.com /? P = 7218 C/C ++ has very few statistical tools for code coverage. Compared with Java, there are very few open-source and free tools. It is very rare to use and open-source tools. Finally, we chose gcov-based lcov as the

Perform a stress test on the Linux kernel

Article title: comprehensively analyzes the stress test on Linux kernel. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and

Go Research on C + + development under Linux

1. Development toolsUnder Windows, development tools are presented to end-users in the form of an integrated development environment IDE. For example, VS2008 integrates editor, macro Assembler ml,c/c++ compiler cl, resource Compiler RC, debugger,

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