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Code coverage-Use of gcov lcov

1.Gcov viewing arm-Linux code coverage I. About the gcov Tool Gcov is released with GCC. Add the-fprofile-arcs-ftest-coverage parameter to the GCC compilation to generate a binary program, and execute the test case to generate code coverage

C + + code coverage tool Gcov, Lcov

Gcov is a code coverage tool that can be used in C/s + +, and is a built-in tool for GCC. Here's how to use Gcov to collect code coverage information.To collect code overwrite information with Gcov, you need to add these 2 options

Embedded Platform Components white box test Gcov, Lcov, and genhtml use guide

The Gtest white Box test tool is used on the embedded platform , which covers the measured function, but does not know the effect of the test, test line coverage, function coverage, branch coverage data. began to study Gcov whether this code

C/C ++ code coverage tool gcov and lcov getting started

C/C ++ code coverage tool gcov and lcov getting started   Http://magustest.com/blog/whiteboxtesting/using-gcov-lcov/   IX. 12,201 0 In White box testing, Software testing GcovIsCodeThe coverage tool is GCC.Built-in tools. The following

Experience in using gcov and lcov in mingw and cygwin Environments

Address: http://blog.csdn.net/ariesjzj/article/details/7802872   1. cygwin has two compiler options under/bin: i686-pc-mingw32-gcc and i686-pc-cygwin-gcc. The default value is the former. The executable files compiled by cygwin can use gcov and

C ++ code coverage profiling with GCC/gcov

C ++ code coverage profiling with GCC/gcov Submitted by bobah on Wed, 01/27/2010-17:42 Http://www.bobah.net/d4d/tools/code-coverage-with-gcov The coverage analysis with GCC/gcov includes three following steps * Instrumented application

Gcov unit test coverage rate

The unit test coverage rate means that each line of code should be covered by unit tests. Therefore, it is necessary to write a unit test for each method. In addition, if there are many if statement branches in this method, it should also be covered

Eclipse C++,cygwin 64,gcov,lcov Monomer & Coverage test environment build notes

1. Download and install Eclipse IDE for C + + developersHttps://eclipse.org/downloads/packages/eclipse-ide-cc-developers/lunasr12. Download and install Cygwinhttps://www.cygwin.com/When installing select Package, remember to select all

LCOV How to filter coverage information for system functions such as iostream

Recently in doing Cppunit test related work, with Gcov and Lcov tools to see the coverage of each line of code, the personal feel lcov awesome, looks very comfortable, point up is also very cool! ~~Chatting to this point, as the title:I'm using Lcov'

Lcov for Linux Use

First install Lcov, I install the version is lcov-1.9 write a app.c file with the following code: #include # Include #include Void Main () {  int a=3;  int b=4;  int c=5;  if (a>b&&a>c)//Determine if A is the maximum  {   if (b>c)

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