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GD graphics library

GD-Sharp is A. Net wrapper for the GD library, developed with mono for Linux and Windows. It is written in C # And it uses GD 2.x and it can be downloaded from here. It started mainly as an attempt to learn more about Mono and the InterOP. it works

Summary of common functions of PHP GD image processing Components _php Tutorial

PHP Image processing Components GD's common function summary--Overview PHP has a series of very powerful graphics processing functions, they are uniformly included in the GD library, these functions have basically met a network application of the

Install Apache2+php5+mysql+resin+ssl+gd+weba on RedhatAS3.0

Apache|mysql|php5|web China It power, the latest and most complete it technology Tutorials Latest 100 | Recommended 100 Articles | Topic 100 Articles | List | Search | Online API Document Home | Program Development | Operating System | Software

About Mysql and gd library loading

For Mysql and gd library loading problems, what is the connection between mysql and php we have installed ,, there is also why we can use the gd library without installing the gd library but only need to open the gd Library, and, why does one need

How to configure apache2 + PhP5 + mysql5 + GD library in centos Linux

First install the MySQL server Decompress MySQL and copy all files to/usr/local/MySQL. [Root @ bleach USR] # groupadd MySQL [Root @ bleach USR] # useradd-G MySQL [Root @ bleach MySQL] # cd/usr/local/MySQL [Root @ bleach MySQL] # SCR limit

CentOS Linux To configure the APACHE2+PHP5+MYSQL5+GD library method _linux

Install MySQL server first Extract MySQL, copy all files to/usr/local/mysql [Root@bleach usr]# Groupadd MySQL [Root@bleach usr]# useradd-g MySQL MySQL [Root@bleach mysql]# Cd/usr/local/mysql [Root@bleach mysql]# scrīpts/mysql_install_db--user=mysql [

WINDOWSXP+IIS+PHP5+MYSQL5+ZEND+GD Library +phpmyadmin+phpwind 5.3 Installation Tutorial

First, the preparatory work: 1, the installation of good 2, ready to use the software, I used the specific following: PHP V5.2.1 for Windows Http:// MySQL for Windows V5.2 Alpha

Windows XP + IIS + PHP5 + MySQL5 + Zend + GD library + phpMyAdmin + PHPWind5.3 installation tutorial

I. preparations: 1. Installation I. preparations: 1. install 2. prepare the required software. The details are as follows: Php V5.2.1 For Windows Http:// MySQL For Windows V5.2 Alpha Http://

Using the gd library in php for remote image download

This article describes how to use the gd library in php to implement remote image download instances. This article provides the implementation code directly. For more information, see This article describes how to use the gd library in php to

PHP uses the GD library to output Chinese characters "test available" _php tips

This article is an example of how PHP uses the GD library to export Chinese characters. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: First, the principle The GD Library in PHP supports Chinese, but must be passed in UTF-8 format

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