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Nginx Source Code Analysis--GDB debugging

Debug with Gdb[i]Nginx[ii] and the use of GDB debugging other programs are no different, just nginx can be daemon program, can also be executed in multiple processes, so the use of GDB debugging and ordinary will be slightly different.Of course, we

Nginx Source Analysis--gdb debugging

Debug with Gdb[i]Nginx[ii] and the use of GDB debugging other programs are no different, but Nginx can be daemon program, can also be run in multiple processes, so the use of GDB debugging and usually a bit different. Of course, we can choose to set

GDB, core, and segment errors

To see if the system allows core files to be generated #ulimit-A Core file size (blocks,-c) 0 Core file size limit is 0 and core file cannot be generatedUse the following command to cancel the restriction so that the system can

GDB Debug Core File detailed

One, what is Coredump We often hear that the program core dropped, need to locate the solution, the majority of this refers to the corresponding program due to a variety of anomalies or bugs caused in the operation of abnormal exit or stop, and

GDB User Guide 2 ~

Program environment======================================"Environment" includes a series of environment variables and their values. Environment variables generally record some common information,For example, your user name, Home Directory, your

Use GDB to debug the currently running program

Http:// Title = % E7 % 94% a8gdb % E8 % B0 % 83% E8 % af % 95% E7 % A8 % 8B % E5 % Ba % 8f & variant = ZH-Hans   Http:// Http://

Linux kernel analysis-booting from Start_kernel to init process using GDB trace debug kernel

Name: Jiangid:fuchen1994Date of experiment: 2016.3.13Experimental guidance Open the shell with a virtual machine in the lab building CD linuxkernel/ Qemu-kernel linux-3.18.6/arch/x86/boot/bzimage -initrd rootfs.img

"Linux" gdb Debug Core file

Writing server-side programs, it is easy to encounter crash problems, fortunately, Linux provides a core file, retaining the crash site. Sometimes, according to the current call stack, and print out the current stack of variables to analyze the

GDB Debugging Python Process __python

debugging the Python process with gdbPosted in Python on 2011-10-12 10:08:50, tagged with debug, gdb, Python. Sometimes we want to debug a running Python process, or a coredump of a python process. For example, a MOD_WSGI process is now dead and

Generate core files in Linux

1. Introduction to core files When a program crashes, it generally generates a core file under the specified directory. The core file is only a memory image (with debugging information added) and is mainly used for debugging.   2. enable or disable

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