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Deluxe Edition aircraft war series (1)

Cocos2d-x mobile game development Ubuntu In view of the recent development of mobile games in the study of cocos2d-x, some things in the learning process to make a summary, but also record the learning process, while sharing some project source code to learn with everyone. For the first time I wrote a series of tutorials, there may be some omissions in the middle. Please remind me of what I saw, so that I can have better experience in development in the future. In this tutorial, we will share

Deluxe Edition aircraft war series (2)

= director->getOpenGLView(); if(!glview) { glview = GLView::createWithRect("My Game",Rect(0,0,320,480)); director->setOpenGLView(glview); } director->setDisplayStats(false); director->setAnimationInterval(1.0 / 60); auto scene = GameLayer::createScene(); director->runWithScene(scene); return true;} I feel much clearer. The point is glview = GLView::createWithRect("My Game",Rect(0,0,320,480));You can directly set the drawing size of glview to 320*480, rect

Deluxe Edition aircraft war series (4)

; addeventlistenerwithscenegraphpriority (touchlistener, plane); // plane genie register touch event}/*** touch start event, * mainly set the position of the plane to move to the touch */void planelayer: ontouchmoved (touch * touch, event * pevent) {auto target = static_cast In the above introduction, the airplane genie created and followed by the pig genie were added, and the corresponding response callback function was added for the touch screen, which basically had no difficulty, after compl

Deluxe Edition aircraft war series (6)-source code

(bmovebutt) {return ;}} enemycollisionplane ();}/*** collision between enemy planes and the main aircraft * traverse all enemy planes for detection */bool gamelayer: enemycollisionplane () {sprite * pplane = (sprite *) planelayer-> getchildbytag (airplane); For (Auto eenemy: enemylayer-> vecenemy) {worker * penemysprite = (enemysprite *) eenemy; if (pplane-> boundingbox (). intersectsrect (penemysprite-> getboundingbox () penemysprite-> getlife ()> 0) {// todo, do what you want/This-> unsched

Deluxe Edition aircraft war series (V)

rendering mechanism and the two rendering mechanisms in the file. During the final operation, I still use batch rendering. We can test that the final compilation is bulletsprite2.cpp, instead of bulletsprite. cpp. Okay, it's time to go to the code. Let's take a look at the content of the bulletsprite. h header file: The functions are described in detail and not explained too much. The following describes the content of bulletsprite2.cpp: The comments in the above functions are more detaile

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