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Ruby Gem command and rubygem command

Ruby Gem command and rubygem command I. Introduction Gem is a standard package for managing Ruby libraries and programs. It is very convenient to find, install, upgrade, and uninstall software packages through Ruby Gem (such as

The Ruby Gem command is detailed

Transferred from: Introduction:Gem is a standard package for managing Ruby libraries and programs, and it is easy to find, install, upgrade, and uninstall packages through Ruby Gems such as

Ruby Package Manager Gem common commands _ruby topics

GEM-related commands use 1. Show help and version of Gem Copy Code code as follows: Gem–h/--help #显示gem的帮助 Gem–v/--version#显示gem的版本号 2. List all available software for the remote library Copy Code code as follows:

Explanation of gem commands in Ruby learning notes

Ruby-v # view the ruby VERSION ruby-e '''require "watir"; puts Watir: IE: version'' # view the watir VERSION Rvm list known # list known ruby versions Rvm install 1.9.3 Rvm use 1.9.3 | rvm use system Rvm use 1.9.3 -- default Rvm list # list local

Usage of GEM Package Manager in Ruby and managing multiple versions of Gem_ruby topics with bundler

Gem Common commands Gem-v # View version of RubyGems software gem help #显示RubyGem使用帮助 Gems help Example #列出RubyGem命令一些使用范例 gem install [gemname] # ann Install the specified gem package, the program will first find the GEM package from this

Common ruby + gem commands

Ruby + gem common commands: ruby-e & amp; #39; & amp; #39; require & quot; watir & quot; putsWatir: IE: VERSION & amp; #39; & amp; #39; # View watir version gem-v # gem version gemupdate # Update all packages gemupdate -- s ruby + gem common

Common ruby + gem commands

Ruby + gem Common commands: ruby-e ''require "watir"; puts Watir: IE :: VERSION ''# view watir VERSION gem-v # gem VERSION gem update # update all packages gem update -- system # update RubyGems software gem install rake # install rake, install rake

Common NPM & Gem summaries

NPM Install installation Nodejs Dependency PackFor example, NPM install Express installs the latest version of Express by default, or you can install the specified version by adding the version number later, such as NPM install [email protected]NPM

Push wings to GEM install-Gem-fast

 1. Background When rails 3.0 was released, many of them worried about installing the gem, which was too slow to download the gem. This is not a slow network speed. Ruby's net: HTTP must pass through the wall and go through the sea to reach the

Rubygem installation error: Error: While executing gem... (GEM: remotesourceexception)

The specific process is as follows: 1. After the InstantRails-2.0 is installed, configure the ruby/bin directory in the environment variable path (if there are multiple Ruby in the system, the system recognizes the path when executing the command

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