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Web Design Reference: a comprehensive consideration of conceptual design

  in the improvement of existing products, the role of conceptual design is equally important, such as: You can in your website revision, first of all, the existing site through a complete concept map, so that we can better understand where to

ETL design and consideration in Bi Projects

ETL design and consideration in Bi Projects ETL is a process of extracting, cleaning, and transforming data from a business system and loading it into a data warehouse. It aims to integrate scattered, disorderly, and standardized data in an

A comprehensive consideration of the 4 laws of thermodynamics (the basis of psychology: the energy-saving mode of life)

From the 4 major laws of thermodynamics, the following facts can be drawn:1) class 1th and category 2nd perpetual motive cannot exist; (1th, 2nd Law)2) Non-equilibrium, the total existence of energy exchange between non-isolated systems; (No. 0

020 Threads for Comprehensive consideration

One. OverviewIn the previous we introduced the thread synchronization and the way of communication, it is the thread concurrency is better to ensure the security of threads, visibility, order.In general, it is the ability to minimize the

Mvc-model data Annotations (iii) a consideration for-remote validation

First of all, in general, the validation of a property may require more than one remote authentication, for example, for the user name, we need to make some restrictions on its length, which can be solved by the stringlength feature, and also need

ASP. MVC3 data Validation (iv) a consideration for-remote validation

Original: ASP. MVC3 data Validation (iv) a consideration for-remote validation        The first few methods of validating the model-based data in ASP. MVC3 are all done, and this section is purely about a problem I've encountered, because it's

The signature algorithm SM in the question of the Byzantine general and related proofs.

These contents are summarized by the author himself. If any of them is incorrect, please reply and correct them. In the previous article, I wrote some questions about the algorithm when a signature is available. Here is a detailed

What is the difference between a good programmer and a general programmer?

In the programmer I usually see, if the pure coding ability to see, personally think can be divided into five categories, in order:  1. Copy TypeCopy-type players are legendary "code-copy", they have little idea of the implementation of the function,

General static data cache mechanism

Static Data General cache mechanism General static data caching mechanism in microservice ArchitectureIn distributed systems, especially in the recently

What are the general steps of making a website?

  With the rapid development of the Internet, the network has brought great convenience to people's life, and people are increasingly inseparable from the Internet. Most of the information on the Internet is presented to our users in the form of web

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