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Use OpenSSL to generate a CSR file and apply for a global SSL Certificate

The only has the original OpenSSLCodeDownload. To make it easier for Windows users to use OpenSSL, We have specially prepared the executable OpenSSL 0.9.8.a for Win32 version (Binary version) for you) Yes:

SSL Certificate Online Tool

Certificate Online ToolIf you are applying for the SSL certificate for the first time, if you are unfamiliar with how your server uses SSL certificates, we recommend that you use this set of tools, which support all SSL server certificate formats

HTTPS Learning Note Three----OpenSSL generate root CA and issue certificate

In HTTPS learning note two, the concept of digital certificates has been clarified, composed and how the client validates the server-side certificate during the HTTPS connection process. This chapter describes how to use the OpenSSL library to

"IOS Push full resolution (ii)" translation "--Generate OpenSSL certificate, Provisioning profile

This is a tutorial from Raywenderlich, the content is informative! The structure is simple and thorough, the explanation is gradual, article quality is superior! It's a difficult blog post! Use half a bottle of English to translate a bit:1. Overview

Nginx + Tomcat Https/ssl Configuration Method--Application Certificate

The latest research on NGINX+TOMCAT configuration HTTs. In fact, it is relatively simple. Knowledge some of these processes, if not clear, still tend to be dizzy. Here's a simple share. First the server uses NGINX to load two tomcat. It is easy to

iOS online process

First, preface:As a ioser, it is necessary to upload the app you have developed to the App Store. Here is a detailed explanation of the specific process steps.Second, prepare: A paid Developer account (account type is divided into

Postfix Transport Layer Security Protocol (TLS)

The "Transport Layer Security Protocol" evolved from SSL can use encryption technology to protect the privacy of TCP communication (information leakage) and integrity (whether data is tampered with during transmission ). RFC 3207 specifies an

Lesktop open source webim -- added online customer service function

It has been several months since lesktop2.0.2.7 was last released in the blog Park. During this period, several other small functions have been added. The main changes include: 1. Supports MSSQL databases; 2. Online/offline display; 3. added

[Go]ios 10.2 XCode 8.2 Certificate Request remote Push pack Shelves

About this piece of content, in the online search post are older, see the post on the basic is Xcode6 before the iOS8 version of the age, for now more new iOS10.2 and Xcode 8.2来, knowledge points in the whole is still some not comprehensive, Just

iOS development: Create a push development certificate and production certificate, as well as steps to send certificates online to the Aurora push officer

On the Aurora official website upload application of the Aurora push Certificate of the essence is actually upload exported p12 file, in the Aurora push application management inside, need to upload two p12 files, one is the production certificate,

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