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Those related to certificates (SSL,X.509,PEM,DER,CRT,CER,KEY,CSR,P12, etc.) [ZZ]

Those related to certificates (SSL,X.509,PEM,DER,CRT,CER,KEY,CSR,P12, etc.) [ZZ]Reprinted 2015-06-09 20:21:04From: concepts related to certificates are really tricky because they haven't been

Using OpenSSL to generate CSR CRT CA certificates under Linux

This article mainly draws on and references the following 2 address content, then carries on the test and the execution on own machine, and has made the following

Use openssl in linux to generate a csrcrchloroform Certificate

Use openssl in linux to generate a csrcrchloroform Certificate This article mainly draws on and references the content of the following two addresses, then tests and runs on the machine, and makes the following records. Create the test directory

How to generate an SSL certificate through OpenSSL-moonhillcity blog-csdn blog

1. After OpenSSL is installed, find OpenSSL. CnF in the/usr/lib/SSL directory (for Ubuntu system, use whereis to check the SSL directory) and copy it to the working directory. 2. Create a New democafolder under the Work directory, create the new

CRT logs on to Linux server via key

The first step is to create the public key1. first create the key with the CRT, which is the diagram:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 1.png " alt=

HTTPS Learning Note Three----OpenSSL generate root CA and issue certificate

In HTTPS learning note two, the concept of digital certificates has been clarified, composed and how the client validates the server-side certificate during the HTTPS connection process. This chapter describes how to use the OpenSSL library to

Rotten mud: ubuntu 14.04 OpenVPN server, 14.04 openvpn

Rotten mud: ubuntu 14.04 OpenVPN server, 14.04 openvpn This article is written by Xiuyi Lin FengProviding friendship sponsorship, first launched in the dark world The company branch needs to connect to the company's internal server, but the server

Use OpenSSL command line to generate a certificate file

Turn from: wanderingHttp:// Many may have the same deep experience as myself. Using the OpenSSL library to write an encrypted communication process, the code can be easily written, but the

Install OpenVPN in CentOS6.6

Install OpenVPN in CentOS6.6 VPN basic concepts VPN Function: establishes a secure private network on an insecure public network for encrypted data transmission. VPN and tunneling Technology Tunnel protocols include Passenger Protocol: encapsulated

Build an https server using Linux + Apache + OpenSSL (two-way authentication)

    Complete the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate Service through Linux + Apache + OpenSSL, and provide secure HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) services. Device SSL 1. device OpenSSL Tar-zxvf openssl-0.9.8a.tar.gz CD

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