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Use the Registry to create a unified Call Center Configuration Management System and call center management system

Use the Registry to create a unified Call Center Configuration Management System and call center management system Step-by-step development of Call Center Series It has been nearly three months since the last release of "

Business System-call center Secondary Development (completed) and call center Secondary Development

Business System-call center Secondary Development (completed) and call center Secondary DevelopmentI. batch sieve number: 1. input: case No. Output: All phone numbers in this batch (not in valid status) are screened in batches, and numbers in unknown status are marked as valid and invalid. 2. Table: Call_Filter_Task =

. NET MVC, Webapi,webform integration Steeltoe+springcloud implementation call the Service Center service summary

(assembly.getexecutingassembly ()); Register idiscoveryclient, etc. Builder. Registerdiscoveryclient (applicationconfig.configuration); Register Fortuneservice Builder. Registertype  Then the dependency injection in the page code page implements our custom interface method:public partial class WebForm2:System.Web.UI.Page {public ifetchservise fetch {get; set;} protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e) {this . Page.registerasyn

2015 5 trends in the development of China's call center Knowledge Base

650) this.width=650; "class=" AlignCenter size-full wp-image-1025 "title=" QQ20150106130617 "src="/http "width=" 556 "height=" 313 "/>Liu Lois inflection point (Lewis Turning points) refers to a country's labor surplus to a shortage of the transition, as early as 2006, China has been faced with Lewis inflection, the demographic dividend effect is disappearing. From 2014, China's economy to a "new normal", a s

2016 five trends in the development of China's call center Knowledge Base

in the era of shortage economy, production is sales, as long as the production of products, whether good or bad, can always be sold out, later in the era of homogeneous competition, lower prices and increase the function will bring significant sales increase, so we see constant price war and functional innovation. In these two stages, the enterprise is not too concerned about the customer's needs and experience in nature, only need to mass production or reduce costs, enhance the function will ha

Call center Voice application in desktop virtualization

There are market statistics showing that today, the domestic call center market has more than 300,000 of the seats, perhaps you do not understand the number, but I believe you will agree: Call center has been everywhere, and related to all aspects of my life, such as 10086, bank cards, credit cards, utilities, gas char

Call center system composed of programmable Switches

The Programmable switch, also known as PBX (private branch exchange), is the main channel and bridge between the call center and the outside world.Programmable switchProvides external interface with the local telephone Relay (generally E1 digital relay), and internal interface with the agent representing the phone and automatic voice response device. Programmable switchIt has been widely used in tradition

Experience of establishing call center system with FreeSWITCH

At present, the domestic use of open source system development call center mostly uses asterisk system. Asterisk entered earlier, the relevant information and open source code, communication technology personnel use the document can be set up a simple call center. With the development of the FreeSWITCH system by aster

Notification Center only with nsnotificationcenter value and call, send SMS, mail, open Web page directly open function

Use of notification hubsPage three of the first; An object that produces a notification hub (a singleton class for the system) Registering an observer in the Notification Center Methods called after receiving a notification DEALLOC remove the Observer's identity A second page Send notification hubs Create a dictionary Return the data you want function of Direct jumpThe function of jumping directly into;

Baidu Open source of its own call center system

Original link: Recently, Baidu Open source of its own call center platform system, Access address: Https:// IntroductionBaidu developed a set of call center based on the Internet application model, using a disruptive technology model, without

Six application points of data mining in the call center

out these "abnormal" calls and the causes of the calls, and issue early warning information in a timely manner. 3. By analyzing the changes in incoming call volume and the number of incoming call types, you can reasonably arrange the number and shift of incoming call personnel based on the professional level of the agent service personnel and the prices of diffe

Call Center for freeswitch Solution

This article is from csdn lidp please refer to this article and thank you.I have created a freeswitch learning and communication group, 45211986. welcome to join. The core functions of the call center are queue-based. From the call point of view, there are incoming call IVR and the a

Business Systems-Call center two development (completed)

" query_fromflag=0- >1 | Query_recvflag=0->1 or-1 "; Save the result as" JSON message file and corresponding user's Excel file "and update the result to the status of the phone record" Active phone | Invalid Phone "after several weekend development, finally development completed as follows:Part 1: Foreground settings: The data dictionary configures the working status of the "Sieve number task", "batch file", such as:Part 2: Background services: The system background has three scheduled tasks,

Call Center (1)

Tags: blog HTTP Io for SP file data 2014 on Call Center)Example: company service system, 10086,110Related Technologies: CTI computer telecommunication Integration)Abbreviation of expansion technology: Office Automation OA and Customer Relationship Management CRMManagement), Information Management System (MIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP)Resources Planning ).Terms1. Seat: Customer Service sitting behi

Run, brother. Call center how many √☆→?

If you receive the winning information, please call the headquarters only phone: "o1o-5659-1895", the award department in charge of Wang Manager line: "o1o-5659-1895"."Event official announcement" security certification/headquarters only accept Phone "o1o-5659-1895" off-site Activity line Confirmation Please call the manager Tel: "o1o-5659-1895" the only award event confirmed that the dedicated line must be

Use C # To Call The QC (Quality Center) Interface

This article describes how to use the development tool C #. Net to call the QC interface to read and write the objects such as test cases in QC. The software involved in this article includes: Quality Center Visual Studio 2005 QC is a test management tool used by many test teams. Its functions can basically meet the requirements. However, sometimes we need to read and write data in QC for secondary deve

FreeSWITCH + Datang Gateway set up call center

FreeSWITCH through the Ip_trunk Way and Datang Gateway connection, Datang Gateway connected outside line, through the number prefix 9 dial outside line, FreeSWITCH through Datang Gateway and external line connection. 1. Modify FreeSWITCH (1) Modify FreeSWITCH to add Datang Gateway, refer to the following article: Http:// (2) Change the dialing rule of outgoing calls DialPlan 2. Modify Datang Gateway(1) Modifying IP routingOutside the line number b

Configuration of the call center static agent

First install the Mod_callcenter module using the #make Mod_callcenter-install and then load the module to the FreeSWITCH consolefreeswitch> load Mod_callcenter in Conf/autoload_configs/modules.conf.xml to remove comments from the related lines in the module.Here are the configuration methods:Modify in Conf/autoload_configs/callcenter.conf.xmlImage:Then configure the dial plan:Configuration of the call center

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