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A detailed explanation of the GEO module in Nginx and the example of using it to configure load balancing _nginx

The GEO directives are provided using the Ngx_http_geo_module module. By default, Nginx has to load this module, unless the artificial--without-http_geo_module.The Ngx_http_geo_module module can be used to create variables whose values depend on the

Geo Use notes

the GEO directive is provided using the Ngx_http_geo_module module. By default,nginx has to load this module unless it is artificially--without-http_geo_module. Role:A module can be used to create a variable whose value depends on the client IP

Overview of Geo-Location

Online Map is already a common application, and Google Map can even be used as a driving navigator. However, the implementation of these applications involves a lot of hard work, just positioning your current location, there are a lot of

Java scripting develops specific geo-location information for IP based on customer IP

Original: Java script development to obtain IP-specific geo-location information based on customer IPSource code: Http:// IP addresses based on client IPOperation Result:Package Com.zuidaima.founder.util.

How to compile and install the Geo-IP support library software in CentOS

There is a GoAccess log analysis tool (installation method) in front of the old left, and you need to use the installation support Library before installing the tool, where you need Geo-IP, it is mainly used to analyze the countries and regions of

Get geo-location based on IP address

/// ///provide the method of searching IP information from the pure IP database;/// Public classIpselect {FileStream ipfile; LongIP; Public stringIpfilepath; /// ///constructor Function/// ///Pure IP Database path

Use a PostgreSQL database for geo-location app

The earthdistance () function in postgreSQL is used in the project to calculate the distance between two points on the earth. There is too little Chinese information. I found a good English article, hope to help those who will use earthdistance in

Build SQL Server AlwaysOn fourth from 0 (Configure geo-machine room nodes)

This article is the fourth to build SQL Server AlwaysOn from 0, which begins to build a node in an offsite roomNote 1.Note It is best to have at least 2 nodes in the GEO node, or a quorum warning when a manual failover occurs on the local node,

Get geo-location information with GeoIP2 Analytics visitor IPs

Original link: GeoIP2 Services can identify the location and other characteristics of Internet users, including personalized content, fraud detection, advertising targeting, website

html5--about Geolocalition (geo-positioning)

* Geolocation (geo-location)* Basic Content* Geo-location-point of intersection of Earth's longitude and latitude* How to achieve geo-positioning* GPS-United States, rely on satellite positioning* Beidou positioning-pure domestic, inertial

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