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GEOIP module is configured in the Nginx server to intercept the designated country Ip_nginx

Recently there is a Web site project requirements: the need to block domestic requests. Take the time to study the information in this area. The best way to find it now is to use the Nginx GeoIP module to realize the region's identification. Then

Nginx uses GeoIP to restrict access and whitelist support

To use GeoIP, you need to recompile nginx, my system is centos6.5,nginx with Tengine, the required package:GCC, gcc-c++, OpenSSL, Openssl-devel, GeoIP Library, GeoLite Country, GeoLite City, Pcre, Tengine21. Download the required Packageswget http://

How to use the AWSTATS+GEOIP implementation under CentOS 6.3 to view Web site access attribution

Awstats is a foreign open source of the website PV flow monitoring software, can obtain Apache or Nginx log information, the log useful information to integrate into the HTML page display, because the content of the analytic log is very meticulous,

AWStats display country-region plug-in geoip Installation

After AWStats is installed by default, it does not have the country or region information to identify visitors. Therefore, you need to install the plug-in to support AWStats to list the countries and regions of visitors for analysis. Geoip is a

Python2.7 installation GeoIP 2.5+ or 3.3+GeoIP C Library 1.4.7 or greaterInstallationWith Pip:$ pip Install GeoIPFrom Source:$ python build$ python installDownload and install PythonA very important step is

Use geoip database and API for geographic location query

There are many databases for geographic location query, most of which are available in free versions. There are pure databases in China, but they only provide the geographical location information of text and do not provide latitude and longitude

Geo-location query using GEOIP database and API

GeoIP database:, download the required resources on the Maxmind websiteAfter downloading, we unzip it to D disk, specific installation document see GeoIP Legacy

CENTOS6 under Iptables configure Xtables-addons and GeoIP to mask a country IP

Today, the high volume of servers, IP from China, and is not normal access to the IP, resulting in PHP-FPM CPU 100%, the site is very slow to open, has already used iptables limit the number of connections, but because the same IP connection number

Use geoip for user IP Analysis

The geoip database of maxmind can accurately obtain the user's geographic location information based on the user's IP address. Firefox uses it to calculate the region where the user is downloaded. It mainly includes two data files stored in

AWStats Introduction: A log analysis tool for Apache/IIS

ArticleDirectory Download/install Configuration File naming rules: AWStats. sitename. conf Minimal configuration file modification: logfile sitedomain logformat Log Analysis Statistical Output Automatic Running of log

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