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Nginx uses GeoIP to restrict access and whitelist support

To use GeoIP, you need to recompile nginx, my system is centos6.5,nginx with Tengine, the required package:GCC, gcc-c++, OpenSSL, Openssl-devel, GeoIP Library, GeoLite Country, GeoLite City, Pcre, Tengine21. Download the required Packageswget http://

Awstats Show Country Area plug-in GeoIP installation

Awstats The default installation is not to identify the country and region of the visitor information, so need to install plug-in support Awstats list visitors country and region, easy to analyze GeoIP free is the national/IP data table,

Python2.7 installation GeoIP 2.5+ or 3.3+GeoIP C Library 1.4.7 or greaterInstallationWith Pip:$ pip Install GeoIPFrom Source:$ python build$ python installDownload and install PythonA very important step is

Use geoip to restrict access in certain countries and regions

If your m website is for English customers and you may not want to accept access from Chinese IP segments, you can use Apache's geoip module to easily achieve this. Http:// For reference only! I. Briefly

CENTOS6 under Iptables configure Xtables-addons and GeoIP to mask a country IP

Today, the high volume of servers, IP from China, and is not normal access to the IP, resulting in PHP-FPM CPU 100%, the site is very slow to open, has already used iptables limit the number of connections, but because the same IP connection number

Using GEOIP database to resolve IP to City Jsonrpc service tutorials

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. # # # RESTful interface * * Request url:**-' ' * * Request method: **-GET * * Parameters: * * | parameter

Install Nginx under CentOS 65

: This article describes how to install Nginx in CentOS 65. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. This demonstration is in CentOS6. 5/'target = '_ blank'> CentOS6. 5Install Nginx in the operating system Operating system:CentOS6. 5/'target =

Centos 6.x install and configure sengbench

I. Software Module dependency: [[Email protected] # Yum-y install GCC + gcc-C ++ GCC * Make * libpcre. so * OpenSSL * PCRE * zlib * libtool * libxml2 * libxslt * GD * Lua * Ii. Install geoip Install the maxmind geoip Library Maxmind provides a free

How are JAVASCRIPT-IP addresses converted to latitude coordinates?

Recently, in making map-related applications. There is a large number of user data is the IP address, if the user is marked on the map, the IP address needs to be converted to latitude and longitude coordinates. Is there any feasible way to achieve

Nginx-additional Modules, about Your Visitors

The following set of modules provides extra functionality that'll help you find out more information about the visitors, such as by parsing client request headers for browser name and version, assigning a identifier to requests presenting SI

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