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Repeat the preface of the book "The Preliminary Study of Li's geometric structure"

the Olympic Games is to win the gold medal. Last year, Li Ning won three gold medals, and the whole country said they would celebrate the event, while Tong was not able to win the event. Therefore, the separation of success and failure is clear at a glance based on the "Gold Medal" scale. But Li Ning, the "gold medal winner", has his personal thoughts? You can go to the library to review his article published in newspapers at the end of 1984, with the title of "Children are really heroes". Then

Photoshop makes a seamless texture effect with a stylish and colorful geometric pattern-PS tutorial

This tutorial describes how to use Photoshop to create a seamless texture of fashionable and colorful geometric patterns. the geometric pattern is very beautiful and the method is not very difficult. after you learn it, you can freely create your favorite patterns. in this tutorial, we will introduce you to the seamless texture effect of creating fashionable and

Illustrator Draw linear fringe geometric art pattern effect tutorial

To give you illustrator software users to detailed analysis of the plot to draw the effect of linear fringe geometric art of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: First, create art brushes To make a stripe pattern, the first thing we need to think about is what tools are used to achieve it more quickly. Because such as stripes, dots, squares ... This kind of basic

PS to create a complex beautiful composite geometric pattern

For many people, making a composite geometric pattern looks very complicated (I think so), in fact, the practice to understand the inside of the doorway, do not believe today we have to challenge a return ~ 1. Create a new 250*250px file, add a vertical, horizontal guide, and position it in the middle of the canvas. This is more convenient to compare position. The canvas color changes to #5a5b5d.   2

Illustrator design fashion geometric pattern background rendering tutorial

To the users of the illustrator software to detailed analysis of the design of fashion geometry to share the background of the drawing tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Well, the above information is small set for you illustrator of this software users brought the detailed design of the fashion geometry background of the drawing tutorials to share the entire content of the you see the users here, small knitting believe that everyone is now very clear the way to draw the bar,

Simple geometric pattern drawing with pure CSS

Below are four shapes of patterns, in which the trapezoidal and triangular are to be seen at a glance to see how the implementation works.Don't say much nonsense, just go to the code.  Welcome Message ~ ~Simple geometric pattern drawing with pure CSS

A book to get Started with machine learning (data mining, pattern recognition, etc.)

(written in front) said yesterday to write a machine learning book, then write one today. This book is mainly used for beginners, very basic, suitable for sophomore, junior to see the children, of course, if you are a senior or a senior senior not seen machine learning is also applicable. Whether it's studying intelligence or doing other things, machine learning is a must. You see GFW all use machine study,

Design Pattern Book Summary

well as the author's website (Liu Wei Technology blog, which has a lot of very good content, not limited to design patterns) of the understanding, this book should still be very suitable for beginners to use, there are many examples of practical projects to reference. But confined to space, the content of the book is more emphasis on the design pattern itself ex

Patterns Recognition (Pattern recognition) book list

-schonberger, and Kenneth CukierA Short but insightful manuscript that'll motivate you to rethink how we should face the explosive growth of data in the New century.Statistical Pattern Recognition (2nd/3rd Edition)Andrew R. Webb, and Keith D. CopseyA well written book on the pattern Recognition for beginners. It covers basic topics in this field, including discri

First Reading Note, about UML and pattern applications (1)-book Introduction

A new category of Reading Notes is added. You can write more reading notes later. Because I really think that my technology is too poor to write well. Article . Application of UML and pattern (1)-Introduction to books Applying UML and patterns (Craig larman) 2006-1 China Machine Press (English Version 3) This is a book on the use of UML for software modeling. for large-scale software development, t

[Book follow] J2EE anti-Pattern

J2EE anti-Pattern→ Recommendations → new books Pricing: 49.00 RMB | price: 39.20 RMB (off) | Su Jin Guo, such as (US) Dade (dusydney B .) Mechanical Industry Press | 7111177029 |-1-1 | start: Small 16 Version: 2006/01/01 | category: program design → comprehensive I want to view the details of this book. I want to buy it. Related Articles Common Anti-pattern in

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