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WordPress full site SEO optimization guide

WordPress is known as a construction site program. Its powerful, template-rich, adequate plug-ins, simple installation and strong customization features make us in the establishment of personal blog, or even corporate Web sites or other types of

Install security protection for WordPress

I recently read Wordpress is the first choice for building a personal blog by Chinese people. Its position is equivalent to discuz, the first choice for building a forum (in other words, discuz only reports the command execution holes caused by

WordPress set Post Type custom article types example tutorial, wordpress instance Tutorial _php Tutorial

WordPress set Post Type custom article types example tutorial, wordpress instance Tutorial What is a custom post?Don't take it for granted that the post here is just a blog post, it's just a surrogate word for an article class, and you can even

WordPress Output Bootstrap navigation bar Structure Menu Example

Recently tennfy in using bootstrap rewrite blog theme, because before not used bootstrap, so it is also spent a lot of effort to understand Bootstrap. Bootstrap provides a complete CSS style layout that is really handy for people with a certain

How to modify the WordPress image address as a relative path

This article mainly describes how to modify the WordPress image address as a relative path, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, there is a need for friends can refer to WordPress image address In the default edit is the absolute

Setting post type custom article types in wordpress tutorial _php instance

What is a custom post?don't take it for granted that post is just a blog article, it is just an article class agent Word, even you can think it is content.The custom model is not a very standard what rules, the article model can be any one of the

WordPress introduces css and js files to prevent repeated loading and configuration loading as needed

WordPress introduces many css/js methods and has many conditions. It is necessary to clarify when a script needs to be registered and then loaded only on certain pages.Load css/js at the front endUse the wp_enqueue_script () function to load js, use

Write PHP script to achieve WordPress comments Paging function _php Skills

Method description First look at the methods that might be used. Open File wp-includes/link-template.php you will find WordPress 2.7 more than 4 comments page-specific methods: Get_comments_pagenum_link $pagenum: Page number $max _page:

Php URL to jump old directory to new directory

A website about mobile phone, with WordPress base board. The original htacess is placed in the main directory/var/www/html Rewriteengine onrewritebase/rewriterule ^items/products/(\d+)/(. *)? $ items/products.php?number=$1&name=$2 [QSA ,

Install the lamp environment under CENTOS7

(1) Configuration summary:1, host running httpd+php Service (PHP for module operation mode)Configure two virtual hosts: WordPress personal blog system, phpMyAdmin remote control MySQL2, host running MARIADB service (MySQL)

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