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Dr. Li believes to Chinese parents: cultivating happy and emotional children

Dr. Lee Kai-Fu, vice president of Google worldwide and President of China, has been keen on the Education Industry in China. He wrote four consecutive emails for Chinese college students to share his experiences in learning and life, it is widely

The origin of Liu children's Day _ folk tradition

International Children International Children (also known as children's Day, International Children's Day) is scheduled for June 1 each year.It is designed to guarantee the survival, health and education rights of children in all countries of the

How to make children willing to learn

Self-built In order for students to grow mentally and mentally, they must have a desire for knowledge and a desire to master knowledge. Years of educational

How to guide children correctly

Article 1 enable children to take their homework Article 2 How To Make A Child obedient Article 3 how to guide your child to be conscious Article 4 how to help children learn how to manage their emotions Article 5 How To Make children

Dad's quality determines how high the children are flying. Please read it again and again !!!

A good father is equal to 200 good teachers. If you are a father, you should take a good look. In the future, children will not blame others! The child is the father's shadow. I hope every father who reads the complete text can become a good father.

Parents do not like the lack of promising children _ counseling

"Mr. Sun, my child is not promising, academic performance is not ideal, what the truth is enough for children to speak, as long as the child will meet him, but it is annoying, to stay at home every day like a little old man, also do not communicate

If there are dolls in the house, please note that the children's songs have finally been merged !! Children's songs

Shouge (1)You take a picture, I take a picture, and a child takes a plane.You shot two. I shot two. Two children threw a handkerchief.You shot three, I shot three, and three children moved bricks.You shot four, I shot four, and four children wrote

Do not beat or scold the top 10 talents to discipline the children

From: AB %D0%C2%CA%C0%BC%CD/blog/item/4950d1dc1ae0b9aacc11663d.html     There are thousands of ways to discipline a child. It is the most direct way to scold a child. However, the times are changing and concepts are

How many children have been saved by the text message sent by the female head teacher to their parents !, Parent

How many children have been saved by the text message sent by the female head teacher to their parents !, Parent  A text message sent by a class teacher to a parent: "Whether the score is good or bad, think about it: Every child is a seed, but each

[Reprinted] Eight programming tools suitable for children

Post: Http:// Abstract:Thanks to the mobile tide, tablets, smartphones, and Smart TVs that are everywhere are constantly filled with our eyes, not just adults. Even children like to "cut

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