get current time api

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Talk about Enterprise API gateways

Http:// Gateway (API GW/API Gateway), as the name implies, is an API-oriented, serial centralized, strong-control service that appears on the system boundary, where the boundary is the boundary of the

Talk about API Gateways in MicroServices (API Gateway)

ObjectiveIt is a long time not to write a blog, recently for a new job, relatively busy, so did not take out too much time to pay attention to my fans write some dry, someone asked me how recently did not update the blog, here to everyone sorry.So,

Creating the Hypermedia API using Domain-driven

In reality, we encounter a variety of complex scenarios, "there is not a right-way" to describe the API design method is more appropriate, there is no one API design to deal with all scenarios. Unlike "Consumer-driven contract", this article

BlackBerry Application Developer guide Volume 1: Basics-Chapter 2 BlackBerry API

Use BlackBerry API Use Java on Blackberry devices Application Control The design of the BlackBerry API BlackBerry Java Development Environment (jde) provides a complete set of APIs and tools to develop Java applications running on Blackberry devices.

Java 8 time and date API 20 examples

With lambda expressions, streams, and a series of small optimizations, Java 8 introduces a new DateTime API, and in the tutorial we'll learn how to use the new API with some simple examples. The way that Java handles dates, calendars, and Times has

RESTful API Design Best Practices

BackgroundThe internet is awash with articles about restful APIs (for convenience, the "RESTful API" shorthand for "API" below), but there is no "universal" design standard: How to do authentication? What is the API format? Should your API include

RESTful API Design Best Practices

1. BackgroundREST(English: Representational State Transfer Representational State transfer) describes a schema-style network system, such as a Web application.At present, the Internet is flooded with RESTful API articles about how to design (for

RESTful API Design Best Practices

RESTful API Design Best PracticesSummary:The internet is now awash with articles about how restful APIs (for convenience, one meaning for future APIs and restful APIs) are designed, yet there is no "all-in-one" design standard: How do you do it?

RESTful API Design Best Practices

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This article by Bole Online-bruce-accumulate translation. without permission, no reprint! English Source: Vinay Sahni. Welcome to join the translation team. Background

Java8 20 usage examples for the new Date time API _java

In addition to lambda expressions, stream, and a few minor improvements, Java 8 introduces a new set of time and date APIs, and in this tutorial we will learn how to use this set of Java 8 APIs with a few simple task examples. Java's handling of

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