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Understanding Linux_unix Linux

The name "Linux" I think we will not be unfamiliar now, this more than a year with the domestic media of the competing propaganda and reports, Linux has become a hot topic. I would like to talk about these aspects of the history and development of

Linux File system detailed

The file system on Linux is generally EXT2 or EXT3, but this article is not ready to talk about them directly, but I want to combine the Linux operating system and from the foundation of the file system-the hard disk to start, step-by-step

View file size and directory size under Linux and the size of files in the directory

In Linux, you will often see the file size, which is usually used by the command du:The command is explained in detail below:[Email protected] logs]$ du--helpUsage: du [options] ... [File] ...Or: du [options] ...--files0-from=fCalculate the disk

See the file size, file size, and other details (Du and DF) using commands under Linux

First, view the file as the disk size generally use the du or DF commandDF Command: used to display the available disk space on a disk partition . The default display unit is KB. You can use this command to get information about how much space the

Linux99 q (top) _unix Linux

On the first, straight hit Linux:12 asked 1. What is Linux? Linux is an exotic operating system that is born on the web, growing up on the web, and ripe for networking. In the 1991, Finnish college student Linus Torvalds The idea of developing a

Run the "du" command to view the file size in Linux.

In Linux, run the "du" command to view the file size and display the number of file blocks. If the specified File parameter is actually a directory, all files in the directory should be reported. If the File parameter is not provided, the du command

disk, partition, and Linux file systems

1. Basic Disk Knowledge 1.1 Physical StructureThe physical structure of the hard disk is usually composed of the head and the disc, the motor, the main control chip and the line and so on, when the main motor drives the disc rotation, the auxiliary

Introduction to Real-Time Linux

Operating System Reading Report-Introduction to Real-Time Linux Feifei (98132194) Abstract: This article makes a simple analysis on a real-time Linux instance nmt rt-Linux, and points out the role of Linux in general real-time operating

Partitions of storage devices in the Linux File System

Do you want to know the truth about the Linux File System? Do you want to know what is inherent in the Linux File System, if you want to load a partitioned Linux File System, you must first confirm the type of the Linux File System before mounting

Linux file system soft link hard link

IntroThere are many implementations of UNIX file systems, such as UFS (BSD-based UNIX file systems), Ext3, Ext4, ZFS, ReiserFS, and so on.Regardless of the file system, you always need to store the data. the minimum storage unit for a hard disk is a

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