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Bitbucket free code hosting space: Private repos personal space that can be bound to a domain name

Http:// This website is very useful for recording. Bitbucket is a free code hosting space similar to GitHub. It uses mercurial and git as the distributed version control system. In general, Bitbucket and GitHub are

QQ free Domain name mailbox How to set up? QQ free domain name Mailbox Setup diagram

First, this login email: Click "Settings" after entering, then click "Account" under "Mailbox Settings", see illustration: Roll the scroll bar to the "Domain name mailbox", click "Manage Domain Name mailbox ...", see

How to correctly bind a domain name to Google Apps in China

After registering your own domain name, if you bind it to Google Apps, you can get free email, documents, sites, and other good features. For example, I bound the domain name www. Lixin. Me to the blog of Google appengine and bound the Lixin at

PHP under the use of Phpmailer with QQ mailbox under the domain name mailbox to send mail

As a developer of PHP, there is often a need to add a Web site that uses its own domain name as the sender's e-mail address to automatically send messages, for example, to send users a verification code, notification information, and so on. For

Implementation of domain name steering system

Believe that many people love to make personal site friends have used classes such as or free three-level domain name, there are a lot of thinking: if I can make their own server can also achieve the

Explanation of usage of peanut shells and domain name ing!

Abstract: If you need to map domain names, I believe it will be helpful after reading my article! Because all the problems I encountered were solved by myself, I believe you will understand many things! I. Reasons for using peanut shells: As the

Free 100m/asp/mssql/ftp/domain/No advertising space

Free HostName: Asp,ftp Free HostType: Free spaceSpace: 200MPrice: Free spaceWeb upload: Bulk uploadSpace domain name: can bind the top-level domain name or the gift two level domain nameOnline Decompression: √Permission settings: √Bound

The importance of having your own domain name

One of the problems I often hear is, "Do I really need my own domain name ?" There is only one word "yes ". If you use the free web hosting service to create a website, all the benefits are from the web hosting company. There are several reasons to

Latest free php space

10,000 Megs space25,000 bandwidthCompletely free!25000 Megs space50,000 bandwidthCompletely free!Application address: http://www.ihyperhost.comWelcome to, your free hosting service provider. We provide:100% free hosting;100% no

Free virtual host 1g/mysql/php-free space

Free Virtual is proud to offer a "best" free virtual hosting package around. Free hosting account, you can start and develop the new website without any monthly fee.All free members receive 1987MB diskspace, 1987MB per month bandwidth,

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