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Linux Kernel principle-pid namespace

ObjectiveThe last few nights in the process related to the kernel principle, just see the PID this block, it does not seem very complicated, but the introduction of the PID namespace added some data structure, it does not seem so clear, referring to

is to start the init process. This process is the first process of the system, the PID is 1, also called the super process

To say clear Systemd, you have to start with the Linux operating system started speaking. The startup of the Linux operating system starts with the BIOS, then the boot Loader loads into the kernel and initializes the kernel. The final step in kernel

[Reprint] Linux process management-----PID Hash List

In order to get the corresponding host structure (process descriptor) pointer from the given PID value quickly, the kernel adopts the structure of the PID hash list. First, the following questions to understand: 1) Why the PID hash list only defines

Linux gets process name and gets process PID based on PID (C language gets PID) _c language

Liunx lookup process PID through the process name can be found by pidof [process name]. Conversely, there is no relevant command for the same search process name through PID. In the Linux root directory, there is a VFS (virtual file system) in/proc,

Namespace PID namespace in Linux kernel

Before looking at the Linux PCI device initialization, see a bit dizzy, and then hand-over the notes written before, at the same time rest!! ~(@^_^@)~ This piece of article is written before, which refer to some of the blog of the Daniel!!the

The relationship between PID, Tid and True PID in C language programming

For the ubuntu14.04 operating system, you can see the structure of the process control block in the/usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.0-31/include/linux/sched.h file, as followsstructtask_struct {volatile LongState/*-1 unrunnable, 0 runnable, >0 stopped*/

PowerShell get the current process PID tips _powershell

This article describes how to get the PID of the current PowerShell process in PowerShell and then use it to do something interesting. Have you ever tried to enter "$pid" in the PowerShell command line window? Try. Copy Code code as follows:

Get container ID through Docker process PID

Although Docker is a namespace isolation technology to isolate the process between containers, in a host running Docker, the process within the Docker container is in the same namespace (assuming a) as the process running within the host. Although

Linux identity process

First, prefaceIn fact, two years ago, this site has a document about the process identity, but very simple, and the code is from the 2.6 kernel. With the introduction of the concepts of Linux container, PID namespace and so on, process

Realization of PID temperature control

realization of PID temperature control Introduction to PIDPID (proportional Integral derivative) control is a control strategy which is mature and widely used in control engineering, and after long-term engineering practice, a complete set of

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