get real ip address php

Want to know get real ip address php? we have a huge selection of get real ip address php information on

CDN to get the real IP address of the user

With the rapid rise of nginx, more and more companies to replace Apache into Nginx. At the same time, more and more people use Nginx as load balancer, and the agent may also add CDN acceleration, but also encountered a problem: how to get the user's

PHP to convert IP address to the real address of the method _php tips

Want to convert IPV4 address to real address, must refer to IP database, commercial IP database stored in relational database, query and use is very convenient, but the cost is not individual and small companies willing to bear, So the idea of

PHP gets the user's real IP address

PHP Get client Real IP address method$_server["REMOTE_ADDR" is often used in PHP get client IP.(1) However, if the client is accessed using a proxy server, the IP address of the proxy server is taken, not the real client IP address. To get the real

PHP Get visitor Real IP address _php tutorial

PHP Get visitors Real IP address in my time we need to get the user's real IP address, for example, log records, geo-location, user information, website data analysis, in fact, get the IP address is very simple $_server[' remote_addr '] on it. PHP

Get real IP address and IP address verification functions in PHP

This article introduces two functions one is to verify the IP address, the other is to obtain the user's real IP address of the function, is also commonly used two IP operation function, the need for students can refer to. 1. Get the user's real IP

The method of using PHP to get the real IP of user Client

This article mainly introduces the use of PHP to obtain the user client real IP method, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, have the need for friends can refer to Getting the client IP is not a simple job, because there are IP

How does php obtain the real IP address?

I tried to use php to obtain the real IP address. many codes on the Internet won't work, but ip138 can display my real ip address every time. Thank you for your support. For example, the IP address I obtained using the common php is: &

PHP to obtain the client real IP address 5 kinds of situation analysis and implementation code _php instance

$_server["REMOTE_ADDR" is often used in PHP to obtain client IP.(1) But if the client is using a proxy server for access, then the IP address of the proxy server is taken, not the real client IP address. To obtain the client's true IP address

Get the real IP address method in Java

in the JSP, the method to obtain the IP address of the client is: Request.getremoteaddr (), which is valid in most cases. However, after passing the reverse proxy software such as Apache,squid,nginx, due to the addition of the middle tier between

PHP get client Real IP address multiple methods summary _php tutorial

Get an IP address function through complex judgments and counts Copy CodeThe code is as follows: function GetIP () { if (getenv (' http_client_ip ')) { $ip = getenv (' http_client_ip '); } ElseIf (getenv (' http_x_forwarded_for ')) { $ip = getenv ('

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