get rss feed for wordpress blog

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Wordpress blog feed page error solution

Google chrome reports the following errors:This page contains the following errors:Error on line 4 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the documentBelow is a rendering of the page up to the first error. The translation error is:

Install and configure WordPress

I have finally set up in Ubuntu over a weekend. Here I will share some immature experiences.Preparations Install the following software before installing WordPress: 1. apache2. Needless to say, there is no HTTP server without

WordPress directory File structure detailed description, WordPress detailed Instructions _php Tutorial

WordPress directory File structure detailed description, WordPress detailed description root directory |-wp-admin| |-css| |-images| |-includes| |-js| |-maint| |-network| |-user|-wp-content| |-languages| |-plugins| |-themes| |-upgrade|-wp-includes|

WordPress Tutorial The difference between the function site_url (), Home_url (), bloginfo (' url ')

In WordPress plugin and theme development often need to get a variety of URL path, WordPress provides the following centralized method to obtain the URL path:Plugins_url ()-the URL of the plugin directory (for example:

20 best WordPress Seo plug-ins

The WordPress Seo plug-in recommended below should be used in a targeted manner. You should never install it all at once. All in one Seo pack One of the most popular Seo plug-ins on the WordPress platform, which can optimize the entire site and

The code to generate the feed was modified

Today I have made some changes to the feed generation code for several major websites. That's what I have to do. Because I found that the existing Z-blog write tag can never be technorati to get, but others with WordPress write blog tag can be

WordPress index file structure

WordPress directory file structure description & nbsp; Root Directory & nbsp; |-wp-admin |-css |-images |-Des |-js |-maint |-network |-user |-wp-content | -languages |-plugins |-themes |-upgrade |-wp-inc WordPress Root Directory

Add RSS subscription to Google, fresh fruit, shrimp grabbing, and QQ mail for blogs

What we need to do is get the RSS subscription button andCodeAnd put it on our website. Currently, Google Reader, shrimp capture, fresh fruit, and QQ mail all provide the function of automatically generating subscription buttons and code. We only

The function realization of each directory of WordPress

*********root directory**********1.index.php:wordpress core index file, which is the blog output file.2.license.txt:wordpress GPL license Defines an append program that is processed before the blog output. The default

Organize WordPress plug-ins

50 management-related WordPress plug-ins 404 notifier-record the 404 error that occurs when you access a blog.Admin dropdown menus-change the background management menu to a drop-down menu.Admin panel comment reply-Add the comment reply option in

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