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Go combat--golang Get public IP, view intranet IP, detect IP type, verify IP range, IP address string and int conversion, judge by IP region state operator, etc.

Life goes on, go go go ... Previously, there was a reference to the standard library provided by Golang: NET Package Go Language Learning Net package (the path to go) brief aftertaste net package func Parseip Func Parseip (s string) IP Parseip

IP Address/subnet mask/gateway Analysis

IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateways in network management are the basic knowledge that each network administrator must master. Only by mastering them can you really understand the TCP/IP protocol settings. The following describes what a subnet

How to quickly query the IP address of a Web site

Use the ping command to query: In "Start"-"Run" enter cmd and then type ping in the pop-up box so So the following reply from is the IP address of the other side, of course, if there is a CDN acceleration can not

CDN to get the real IP address of the user

With the rapid rise of nginx, more and more companies to replace Apache into Nginx. At the same time, more and more people use Nginx as load balancer, and the agent may also add CDN acceleration, but also encountered a problem: how to get the user's

Five strokes to find the IP address you want to know

With friends in the network transmission of information, sometimes the first to know the other computer's IP address, in order to establish information transmission channel with the other. Then how to search the IP address of the other party. You

PHP to convert IP address to the real address of the method _php tips

Want to convert IPV4 address to real address, must refer to IP database, commercial IP database stored in relational database, query and use is very convenient, but the cost is not individual and small companies willing to bear, So the idea of

Talk more about Java get the native IP address

First of all, if you search for "java get native IP address", basically the data found is Useless.For example this article: actual code is not allowed in a complex environment.One of the more popular

Calculation _ipv6 of IP address number

An IP address, but too much knowledge is associated with it Binary and 8 bits The number shown in the computer is 10, each key of the keyboard is encoded by a 8-bit binary, so 1 bytes equals 8 bits. For numbers, the binary of 1 is 00000001, 255 is 11

How to obtain mobile phone extranet IP address (with intranet IP address)

Looked for some methods, initially thought to get the phone is the public network address, in fact, only the local IP address. The following method to obtain the IP address of the mobile phone inside and outside the network summary: First, obtain

How to get your own public IP address in real time using PowerShell

I do not know how long has not updated the blog, this is actually long ago wanted to write but a drag is a few months, the recent procrastination is really crazy outbreak. Let's talk about what you want to write about today, but it's very simple,

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