get size of all databases sql server

Want to know get size of all databases sql server? we have a huge selection of get size of all databases sql server information on

How SQL Server views all table size information for all databases

I. BACKGROUND Previously wrote an article about: SQL Server cursor Usage: View a database of all table size information (sizes of all tables in a DB), which lists information about all tables of a data, including the number of records in a table,

Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-11. Microsoft SQL server network settings

11. Microsoft SQL server network settingsOverview of Network ServicesSQL Server application interfaceNetwork Connection LibraryNetwork components and SQL server performanceNetwork MonitoringSummaryAfter you install Microsoft SQL Server, you must set

Memory misunderstanding of SQL Server

Memory misunderstanding of SQL ServerSQL Server Memory The read/write speed of the memory is much higher than that of the disk. For the database, it will take full advantage of the memory to cache as much data as possible from the disk to the memory,

SQL Server 2012 notes Sharing-38: Understanding System Databases

master databaseRecords all system-level information for an instance of SQL Server.The master database records all system-level information for the SQL Server system. This includes instance-scoped metadata (such as login accounts), endpoints, linked

SQL SQL Server (verbose) SQL statement optimization _mssql

MS SQL Server Query optimization methodThere are many reasons for the slow speed of queries, which are common1, no indexes, or no indexes (this is the most common problem with query slowness, is the flaw in programming)2, I/o throughput is small,

Configure SQL Server 2000 options

Server The configuration options for SQL Server servers are those that people understand less and are often misused. When a technical support person asks you to adjust an option in some way, and another technical support person asks you to adjust

SQL Server 2000 Log shipping Function-settings

Server SQL Server 2000 Log shipping Function-settings (1) The log shipping feature automatically copies the transaction log file for the database and is saved to another database in the standby server (standby server). Therefore, the availability

11th SQL Server Security Audit

This article is the 11th of the SQL Server Security series, please refer to the original text for more information. SQL Server AuditingSQL Server auditing means that you can monitor events in a database or server instance. The audit log

Overview of the internal mechanisms of SQL Server in-memory OLTP (iv)

----------------------------I'm a split line-------------------------------This article is translated from the Microsoft white Paper SQL Server in-memory OLTP Internals Overview:

The SQL Server database startup process you don't know, and the analysis and resolution techniques for various issues that don't start up

Original: You do not know the SQL Server database startup process, and can not start the various problems of analysis and resolution skillsAt present, SQL Server database as a good Microsoft RDBMS, its own start-up time is very few problems, we

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