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OSX: it may not be a good idea to enable the ssd trim function.

OSX: it may not be a good idea to enable the ssd trim function. A long time ago, since people started loading SSD to Mac machines and OSX began to support TRIM, people began to pay attention to enabling the TRIM function of OSX to optimize SSD

TRIM SCSI Command resolution

Some time ago to do some of the SSD optimization work, SSD's biggest problem is that after a long time use, IO performance will drop dramatically. The main problem is that in order to prevent the "write amplification" problem, SSD firmware uses a

jquery animation ——. trim () remove spaces,. Get (), and. Index () to get DOM elements

. Trim () remove spaces,. Get (), and. Index () to get DOM elements1 The . Trim () function is used to remove whitespace characters at both ends of a string, with no extra parameter usage2 Remove all newline characters at the beginning and end of

On the regular article of JS string trim method

About trim actually nothing to say, is to remove the first space, for the modern browser is just simple regular /^\s+|\s+$/ can be done.and support Chinese space Wait a minute.What \s support Chinese spaces?Yes.Open regexp#character-classes down a

JavaScript regular trim remove spaces and strings

About trim in fact, nothing to say, is to remove the first space, for modern browsers is simply a regular/^\s+|\s+$/can be done.JavaScript Regular expressions implement trim () The code is as follows Copy Code

After the Yosemite upgrade, the third-party SSD trim fails and cannot be processed by the system.

No Zuo no die, which is not upgraded to Yosemite, and then found that trim activated in mavericks is not working here, and prompts that trim enable is not suitable for this version. Then, the tragedy began. I found an old post and changed the kernel

Oracle trim does not drop white space characters

Oracle trim does not drop white space charactersProblem Background:A business registration number is a normal problem that trim can solve, but in this case, trim is different from what we see with the naked eye, that is, there is an extra

Why trim in PHP can cause garbled characters

Run the following code: $tag = "Internet products,"; $text = RTrim ($tag, ",");p Rint_r ($text); The result we might expect to get is 互联网产品 that the actual result is 互联网产� . Why is that? Science The prefixes used in PHP are mb_ multibyte function

The realization of trim in C language

This paper introduces the implementation of trim in C language in detail. Describe I used ATL to write a COM, does not support MFC, so can not use CString, but support C code, encountered string (character array), want to remove the space in the

How does trim () in js remove spaces on both sides of the string?

The regular expression can be used to remove spaces at both ends of a String in js: String. prototype. trimfunction () {returnthis. replace (^ \ s *) | (\ s * $) g, & quot;);} removes spaces at both ends of the string in js and can be implemented

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