getting started with sql server 2014

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Experience SQL Server 2014 CTP1 first!

According to Microsoft's official message, SQL Server 2014, the next database platform version, will be released by the end of this year. It will include the table-level memory OLTP function, unlike other memory databases, this feature eliminates

Getting started with MongoDB (1): installing and managing MongoDB

In the past, MySQL databases were used to write a large pile of SQL statements all day long. It took several days to remember these SQL keywords, and all the SQL keywords were written. When MongoDB was exposed, I found that I don't need to write SQL

Notes-SQL from getting started to improving

This note sorts out the video lecture "SQL from getting started to improving" trained by Yang zhongke in Chuanzhi podcast. net. Video related links: Database concepts   1. What is an index? What are the

Getting Started with JDBC learning

I. JDBC Related CONCEPTS Introduction 1.1, Database driverHere the concept of driving and usually hear the kind of driving concept is the same, such as the usual purchase of sound card, network card directly plugged into the computer is not

Java Web Summary (1) -- getting started, javaweb

Java Web Summary (1) -- getting started, javawebI. Basic Concepts 1.1. WEB development knowledge WEB indicates the meaning of a webpage in English. It is used to indicate resources on an Internet host for external access.Web resources on the

Getting Started with Spark

Original linkWhat is SparkApache Spark is a large data processing framework built around speed, ease of use, and complex analysis. Originally developed in 2009 by Amplab of the University of California, Berkeley, and became one of Apache's Open

Come with me. Data Mining (--spark) Getting Started

About SparkSpark is the common parallel of the open source class Hadoop MapReduce for UC Berkeley AMP Lab, Spark, with the benefits of Hadoop MapReduce But unlike MapReduce, the job intermediate output can be stored in memory, thus eliminating the

How to use four statements to improve SQL Server scalability

This article explains how to use left join, cross join, and IDENTITY value retrieval to Improve the Performance of SQL Server-based applications or improve their scalability. What you will encounter: SQL queries in applications cannot respond in the

Some practical technologies for improving SQL server performance

Sometimes, all you do to make the application run faster WorkMake some minor adjustments here or there. But the key lies in determining how to adjust it! Sooner or later, you will encounter this situation: SQLThe query cannot respond as you want. It

How to make SQL run faster

I. unreasonable index design ---- For example, a table with 620000 rows of record and rows with different indexes has the following SQL statements: ---- 1. A non-cluster index is created on date. Select count (*) from record where date> '20140901'

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