ggplot2 correlation

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Ggplot2 scale correlation settings-coordinate transformation

Ggplot2 scale correlation settings-coordinate transformationThere are several forms of axis conversion in R, including logarithmic conversion, square root conversion, and pre-and post-scale exchange of coordinates.The functions used are:SCALE_X_LOG10 (...) SCALE_Y_LOG10 (...) Scale_x_sqrt (...) Scale_y_sqrt (...) Scale_x_reverse (...) Scale_y_reverse (...) The above functions are actually based on scale_x_c

R language: Ggplot2 fine drawing--A practical commercial chart drawing as an example

The purpose of this paper is to introduce some fine operation of Ggplot2 package in R language, which is mainly applicable to people who have a certain understanding of R-Drawing and need to be more finely transformed into diagrams, especially those who have just turned ggplot2 from Excel, and have more frequent drawing needs. No discussion of those very cool charts, with practical commercial charts as the

ggplot2--Pie Chart

Directory: Original pattern How to remove the clutter from the center of a pie chart How to remove a label next to a pie chart How to get rid of the upper left corner of the extra horizontal line How to remove the caption from the legend and place the legend above How to add a percentage to a legend's label How to make a small piece of pie chart appear clockwise from large to small How to remove the numbers on the white box How to add a percentage to a gr

R Language Drawing Ggplot2 package _ggplot2

June has been busy in the final exam, today to quickly learn the Ggplot2 package of simple drawing.There are also many drawing functions in the base package of R, such as plot (); Barplot (); Qqplot ();But there is also the famous Ggplot2 bag, using the function of this package to draw a beautiful picture, and the use of flexible. In Ggplot's Official Handbook, a statistical graph is made up of data to geom

Use Ggplot2 to draw wind speed rose chart

Install.packages ("Ggplot2")Library (GGPLOT2)# WINDROSE.R Http:// (GGPLOT2)Require (Rcolorbrewer)Plot.windrose SpdDirSpdres = 10,Dirres = 30,Spdmin = 0,Spdmax = 90,Spdseq = NULL,palette = "Ylgnbu",Countmax = NA,debug = 0) {# look-to-see-what data is passed in to the functionif (Is.numeric (SPD) I

R, Ggplot2, shiny summary

Preface:Everyone should know that ggplot2 and shiny are all seven of the R language weapons, although their ability is very fluid force, but also out "Walk the lake" for many years, but in the domestic relevant knowledge sharing is relatively small. Many times encountered problems have to search the wall, so despite their qualifications is still shallow, but I would like to be able to make a summary of their own knowledge to share, I hope to be helpfu

ggplot2--Column Chart

Directory: Initial pattern How to modify the width of bar bars How to modify the order of bar bars How do I add text to the bar (For more information on legends, coordinate systems, etc. see: R, Ggplot2, shiny summary)Initial pattern:library(ggplot2)library(ggthemes)dtdata.frame(obj = c(‘A‘,‘D‘,‘B‘,‘E‘,‘C‘), val = c(2,15,6,9,7))p = ggplot(dt, aes(x = obj, y = val, fill = obj, group

ggplot2--Column Chart __r

Directory:Initial pattern How to modify the width of a bar how to change the order of bars how to add text to a bar (For more on the legend, coordinate system, etc. see: R, Ggplot2, shiny summary) Initial pattern: Library (GGPLOT2) Library (ggthemes) dt = data.frame (obj = C (' A ', ' D ', ' B ', ' E ', ' C '), val = C (2,15,6,9,7)) p = Ggplot (DT, AES (x = obj, y = val, fill = obj, group = factor (1))) +

R Language Learning notes--drawing with Ggplot2

data:The Diamonds dataset in Ggplot2, using a random sample to fetch 1000 samples, the code is as follows:> Library (GGPLOT2)> Data ("Diamonds")> Head (Diamonds)> set.seed (1234)> Small Histogram> Ggplot (Small) +geom_histogram (Aes (X=price), fill= "Cornflowerblue", colour= "Black", binwidth= 1000)Stacked HistogramUse the "Cut" column in the data (divided into 5 grades, used to differentiate the quality of

ggplot2--Practice (change of legend: Take the frequency scatter chart as an example) _ggplot2

ggplot2– Practice (change of legend: Take the frequency scatter graph as an example) Ggplot2 direct realization Paint code:The data is two columns and the second is the factor type. > Head (plotdat) Soc Soc Low alarm 1 0 normal 2 2 error 3 0 Normal 4 1 error 5 0 normal # # #大小和高度都代表频率 ### g # #设定名字 Problem There are three questions about the legend:1. How to remove t

R Language Ggplot2 package picture histogram _r

Introduction There is no doubt about the quality of the Ggplot2 package, but its drawing grammar is still a little difficult for beginners, Ggplot2: Data analysis and Graphic Art This book also introduces the basic philosophy and operation of Ggplot2 package, and the personal feeling examples are not rich enough, So the use of the package is still stuck at the da

Ggplot Note 001--ggplot2 Installation

R3.2.2 Version Installation Ggplot2 installed Ggplot2 Today, began to use the R3.2.1 version, but has been an error. The back of a new R3.2.2, but the installation is still the same error, the reason is Munsell this package incompatibility problem, find the way to solve this problem is the local zip installation Munsell Package: The following: Remove the Ggplot2

Preliminary study on Ggplot2 geom__ making area chart

we are probably not unfamiliar with the following infographic, which uses 100% stacked area charts to represent the proportions of different countries in different periods of time. This is a very interesting expression, and the area chart is a very common data graph, now let's look at how to use Ggplot2 and Plot.area in R to make an area chart. before making a chart, let's first create some random sample data . The R code is as follows: 1 # C

ggplot2--Rose Chart

For more information, see: R, Ggplot2, shiny summaryInitial pattern:Library(GGPLOT2)DT= data. Frame(a = c(2, 7, 4, ten, 1), B = C('b', 'A ', 'C', 'D', 'E'))windowsfonts(MyFont = Windowsfont ("in italics") # # Bound FontP= Ggplot (DT, AES (x =B, y =A, fill =B) + Geom_bar (stat ="Identity", alpha =0.7) + Coord_polar ()Pthe rose chart after repair:Library (ggplot2)

Plotting means and error bars (GGPLOT2)

Library (GGPLOT2)############################################## summaryse############################################### Summarizes data.## Gives count, mean, standard deviation, standard error of the mean, and confidence interval (default 95% ). # # DATA:A Data frame.## measurevar:the name of a column that contains the variable to be summariezed## groupvars : A vector containing names of columns that contain grouping variables## Na.rm:a Boolean that

Ggplot2 plotting probability density graphs

The following plots take the Weibull distribution (Weber distribution, Weibull distribution) as an exampleFor Weibull distribution (Weber distribution, Weibull distribution), please refer to my blog (GGPLOT2)# both D and Y here are in order of sizedYDfGgplot (Df,aes (x=d,y)) +Geom_line (colour= "green") +Ggtitle ("Weibull distribution \ n probability density map")# Here's H no size orderH Ggplot (Null

Getting started with ggplot2: scatter plot

1. color and shape control Data features can be expressed not only by coordinates, but also by different colors or shapes. Taking the MPG dataset as an example, the variables used include cty (driving distance in the city), hwy (highway driving distance), displ (displacement size), and year (production year) 1 library(ggplot2)2 p We will use a red circle to represent the models produced in 1999, and a blue triangle to represent the displacement in

Ggplot2 Theme Related Settings-element_text

After Geom settings and scale settings, to make the picture beautiful, the theme setting is not less thanElement_text () is an important piece of content in the theme settingsElement_text(Family =Null, Face =Null, Colour =Null, size =Null, Hjust =Null, Vjust =Null, Angle =Null, lineheight =Null)Parameter family represents a font styleThe parameter face represents the font format, the desired value ("plain", "italic", "bold", "Bold.italic")Parameter colour indicates font colorParameter size indi

Ggplot2 coordinate system Related settings (coord)

can choose X or Y, indicate the extension coordinates, start is coordinates start angle, default actually position is 12 o'clock,The direction represents the direction of the data, 1 is clockwise, and 1 is counterclockwise.Let's look at some specific examples:Library (Ggplot2) P  The Cartesian coordinate transformation is the same as the normal drawing effect.P+coord_flip ()  The horizontal and vertical coordinates are interchanged, and a bar chart m

Ggplot2 Geom Related Settings--Add lines

In the process of drawing, sometimes we may need to add some lines, so that the visualization of the graph becomes better, such as some trend lines and so on.Let's take a look at some of the ways the lines are added.Geom_abline (mapping = NULL, data = NULL, ..., slope, intercept, na.rm = FALSE, show.legend = NA) geom_hline (mapping = NULL, data = null, ..., yintercept, na.rm = FALSE, show.legend = NA) geom_vline (mapping = NULL, data = NULL, ..., xintercept, NA . RM = FALSE, show.legend = NA) Th

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