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Large Internet cafes how to choose gigabit and gigabit switches?

Internet cafes need to switch and personal use of the switch is different, internet cafes on the requirements of the switch is very high, because the online network environment requirements are very high. Now internet cafes more and more network equipment, so many Internet cafes will choose to buy

What gigabit switches should be purchased for large Internet cafes?

Internet cafes more and more network equipment, online network environment requirements are also very high, so now many internet cafes have opted to buy gigabit switches, users will be like how to select the more suitable for their own network of gigabit switch products, the following discussion of

Solution for 300 or less Internet cafes with Gigabit Optical Fiber Switches

The solution for handling 300 or less Ge Fiber switches in Internet cafes is analyzed. The solution for Internet cafes with 150 computers is different from that for Internet cafes with 200 computers. The solution for medium-scale Internet cafes is provided below. Internet ca

New trends in Internet cafe networking: Dual-fiber access + Gigabit to desktop

. Therefore, the dual-fiber access solution launched by China Netcom is very popular. Introduction to dual-fiber access 1. The optical fiber is directly connected to the Internet cafe, and then the optical fiber transceiver converts the optical signal into a 10 M/M electrical signal. Optical fiber is used for access, featuring fast speed, good stability, low obstacle rate, and strong anti-interference ability. 2. hiper aitai 3300NB router is recommend

This section describes a gigabit router that is most suitable for Internet cafes.

With the development of China's routing industry, Gigabit Routers have become one of the mainstream products in the market. It is also a good product for Internet cafes. ER5200 is a dual-WAN port high-performance gigabit router customized by Huawei 3Com for Internet cafes. It uses a professional 64-bit dual-core networ

Ubuntu 16.04 rtl8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller "Cannot surf the internet

driver, see the contents of the Red font:Your network card is "rtl8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller", should not use r8169 this kernel driver module to drive, otherwise the phenomenon you now get the DHCP IP address, But the network card has been in constant "r8169 0000:03:00.0 eth0:link up" state. This makes it impossible to use a wired network.The right driver to download to the Realtek website, install it yourself.Http://www.r

Alpha Gigabit Management Switch ST-3480 Internet cafe solution (1)

User Requirements: For the increasingly popular broadband services, the online applications of Internet cafes are complex and diverse. Such as Web browsing, E-MAIL, online games, video chats, online movies, and music. It is challenging for the high speed and stability of network devices. The investment in Internet cafe network construction by most private owners is also the most important and important. A h

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