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Git Learning Summary

What is the main difference between SVN and git?Talking about git naturally think of SVN, I have just access to the version Control tool is SVN,SVN is a centralized version control system, the repository is centralized in the central server, when

Git Learning Summary

See better information, learned to learn git, summed up a little bit about the use of GIT commands and problems encounteredGit is known to be the most advanced distributed version control

Install apache2 by configuring the GIT server on Ubuntu

 Configure the GIT server on Ubuntu Over the past few days, I have been tossing over the GIT version management server. I feel a little too large, and I don't have enough permissions. The encrypted file does not match the user name ...... However,

Build your own Git server in Linux

Build your own Git server in Linux After setting up your own Git server in Linux, I finally finished it for a long time. record it, or I will forget it next time.Process: Server Build git directory Git user, git group as repository

Linux Ubuntu build git server

1. Install Openssh-server to create the SSH service.sudo apt-get install Openssl-serverUse the command ps-e|grep SSH to see if the SSH service is started.If it starts normally, a similar message appears: 1966? 00:00:00 ssh-agent2. Create a user

Installation and use of Git under Linux (GO)

Transferred from: feels good to be using GitHub recently. Under Windows, you can use the Windows Client ( provided by GitHub. Very stupid, very convenient.

CentOS Setup git full version

Git Server Setup:Http:// Environment DeploymentSystem environment: Server

Create a git server "go" on Linux

Transferred from: you have fewer people using git, you can use the following steps to quickly deploy a GIT server environment.1. The client generates an SSH public key for server-side

Install git server on centos

1. Yum install lrzsz wget git 2. Install gitosis: gitosis is a git user permission management system. It manages user permissions by managing the/home/git/. Ssh/authorized_key file on the server. It is a python module package. # Yum install

Git error Summary

In order to build gitosis, I had to go through two days and encountered numerous problems. The depressing ones and the answers on the network were scattered, so I brought them together, and put up your own solutions and ideas, there may be mistakes

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