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Create a Git repository under the Windows git Bash command line and update it to github, gitgithub

Create a Git repository under the Windows git Bash command line and update it to github, gitgithub When I was in my sophomore year, I heard the teacher say that there was a version management tool called git. At that time, I only listened to the teacher and didn't use it be

Use git Bash to submit code to GitHub under Windows

Before uploading the code to GitHub is mainly through the client GitHub desktop or Web page, after changing the computer to feel the installation of the client is too troublesome, the way to know the command line is very necessary.The experiment here is to commit some code changes to the Json.git repository."LS" is a Linux command that is used to view files and folders in the current directory.The

GIT bash management Project/github personal blog

1. Download and install: Verify the public key: Ssh-%e5%85%ac%e9%92%a5HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/HUSTPZB/ARTICLE/DETAILS/8230454/(reprinted from )(the first two have experienced there is no detail

GitHub simple way to "use Git bash" _gitbash

1, the first set up GitHub remote Warehouse "own Baidu, online have a bunch"; 2, download the gitbash installed well; 3, into the Gitbash command console, Remote Storage cloning; Use commands are: The clone address at the back of git clone be found in the GitHub project that you have built, "select Usehttps when

Git and GitHub (use git to upload local files to GitHub)

GitHub is a code repository (a tool for managing code) that can be shared with everyoneGit is the tool for extracting files from GitHub or uploading local files to GitHub (equivalent to SVN)Uploading projects with GitStep One: (User and mailbox for your GitHub registered account and email)$

Git: submit a project to Github. Git: submit a project to Github.

Git: submit a project to Github. Git: submit a project to Github.Submit the project to Github Recently I changed Git to submit a project, which is easier to use than SVN, but different concepts also make it difficult for beginners to adapt to git's commit method.Today, I enc

Git upload code to github and git delete files and files on GitHub commands

Getting started with gitIf you have no access to git at all, you can now simply understand the syntax of git (typing some commands) to upload the code to a remote repository or download to a local repository (server), we should have two warehouses at this time, that is, two places to put code, one is local, and the other is remote ( such as GitHub). The enterpris

An article about GitHub and git tutorials-androidstudio uploading github tutorials

well!) ) Workspace: The files that you have on your computer that you want to submit. Staging Area: Is index it a file? Repository: Is .git the hidden file. Maybe you don't quite understand the content, let's start with:Open your Git , enter the command line: $ git config--global "your name"$

Git basic: Use git to upload native code to GitHub

system:Once you've downloaded git, you'll have to go the next step, using the default configuration. This isn't a demo.2.1. Bind Git UsersBecause Git is a distributed version control system, you need to fill in the username and mailbox as an identity, username and mailbox are github registered account and mailbox. Rig

Source Control--git (distributed versioning vs. centralized versioning, git vs. svn, git common commands, build GitHub remote repositories, build Oschina remote repositories)

Visual Studio II, Distributed versioning and centralized version control Centralized version control Distributed version Control Three Git and SVN 1. Simple comparison of Git and SVN Speed in many cases, git is much faster than SVN fast-structure SVN is centralized management, GIT is distributed to manage oth

How to merge the code from the GIT code library into your own git/GitHub learning notes to summarize your common git commands

GitHub for Windows usageArticleIt is good to take us to get started with GitHub and a gitshell. This tool can run all the commands of GitHub to do more things, for example, how to merge git is a task we want to complete today?CodeCode from the library to your own library. Windows powershellCopyright (c) 2012 Micro

Install and upload code from Git to Github, and upload code from github

Install and upload code from Git to Github, and upload code from github Reprinted please indicate the source: This article should be the latest, most comprehensive, and most reliable process for installing and uploading code on Github. 1.

git learn ——— build git repository upload github and download projects from GitHub

The environment used is centos6.5Very good git tutorial learning materials:, speak really good, very detailed.Also encountered a problem:When uploading the code to GitHub, use the following command,Git push-m Origin MasterHowever, the following error occurred, even if the force upl

[Git/github] Ubuntu 14.0 under Github Configuration

Reprinted from: Create repositories1: First create an account under GitHub. This doesn't have to be said, then create a repositories.2: Then install git-related stuff under Ubuntu: 1 sudo apt-get install Git-core Git-gui

Github website introduction, and use git commands to manage github (detailed description), githubgit

Github website introduction, and use git commands to manage github (detailed description), githubgit Learn this chapter: 1)Familiar with github website 2)Remotely manage github using git commands, 3)You do not need to enter th

Git usage-How to upload a local project to GitHub (two easy and convenient ways)

two new options for the Git Gui here,git bash here, where we choose Git bash here, into the following interface, Test_ Bluetooth is the name of my project. 6. Then enter the following code (the key step) to clone the repository above

Upload Project code to github using Git

:// the way next, after the installation succeeds, go back to the C drive, or any folder, click the right mouse button will be a few more menussuch as Git Init hear, git Bash, git Gui, the installation is successful.Configure GitLet's find a place in the computer's hard drive to store t

Use Git bash under Windows to connect to git server via SSH

Project development under Windows, using Git to connect to the Git repository via ssh, and SSH to connect with public key.First you need to download mygit and use git bash after installation. Git bash (with GUI interface, which ca

Use git bash to download code from git to local and upload code to code cloud git

The premise is that Gitbash has been installed, this later out tutorial1, create a new directory, to store the downloaded items, I have a new "Gitspace" folder on the D disk, to store the downloaded items2, enter the newly created folder, that is, enter "Gitspace", click the right mouse button, select "Git Bash here", such as:After clicking on "Git

My python growth path---GitHub to use to register GitHub and install the Git client

First, a registered GitHub accountGo to GitHub's official website, enter your username, email address and password, and click "Sign up for GitHub".Choose Free, don't ask me why, unless the rich wayward choose the paid editionVerify your email address and activate GitHubSecond, create a warehouseChoose "New Repository" (Create a new warehouse) after registering and logging into GitHubFill in the warehouse na

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