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Git tutorial-Conceptual principle use

hint: Look at the way this article, do not understand the first skip, read the length of the following may be understood. git and GitHub concept Git---version control tool (command). Tool Introduction Official Website: Tool

Git common command set quick check table

You're free to collect some git commands from the Web, sort it out.1. Common git commands Command Brief Description Special Notes git add Add to Staging Area Git add–interactive

Git Command Quick Check table

Git Command Quick check table1. Common git commands Command Brief description git add Add to Staging Area Git add–interactive Interactive add git apply Apply Patches

Git is no longer afraid of poor memory.

What is git? Git is a distributed code management container. The same code is stored locally and remotely. The GIT repository is mainly composed of three parts: Local Code, cache area, and commit history. This is the essence of almost all operations.

Explain the basics of git in detail

This article is about Git basics, people who don't understand git basics or are interested in the basics of git, so let's take a look at this article, okay, cut the crap and get to the point. Objective This article explains in detail the techniques

Four Common Git workflow comparisons

by Dong ([email protected]) This is a translation based on the original text (by Atlassian). All content on the page is shared by the knowledge sharing-attribution (CC by 2.5 AU) Agreement unless otherwise noted. A wide variety of workflows

git simple tutorial

I first published and summed up the things I learned, there are bad places please point out one, git upload item (install git) There are two ways git uploads a project: An HTTPS method, an SSH method HTTPS method: 1, first login

Git Learning Summary

What is the main difference between SVN and git?Talking about git naturally think of SVN, I have just access to the version Control tool is SVN,SVN is a centralized version control system, the repository is centralized in the central server, when

git deletes remote branch and tag related commands _git operations

This article records the contents of the remote branch and tag that I encountered while using Git. View Remote Branch Delete remote branch and tag Delete no local branch for remote branch rename remote Branch push local tag to remote FETCH remote

Git Learning Summary

See better information, learned to learn git, summed up a little bit about the use of GIT commands and problems encounteredGit is known to be the most advanced distributed version control

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