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Use beyond compare as Git's alignment and merge tool under Windows

Use beyond compare as Git's alignment and merge tool under WindowsIntroducedIn fact, all kinds of git GUI clients have their own tool, but the beginning of learning git, with the Windows Git Bash, and then gradually familiar with the various commands, with the graphics client instead of accustomed to.Here's how to conf

Using beyond Compare as the default comparison and merging tool for git under Windows platform

In the Windows platform using the GUI is used to, so under the cmd command instead feel uncomfortable especially when using git, especially obvious (this is basically git in the work is necessary) the most common function of using git is to commit, add, compare differences and merge branches, In particular, in the case

Set beyond Compare as the default comparison tool for Git

For the Beyond Compare4,git version number after 2.2.0, in Git, enter the following command in turn:1 git config--global diff.tool BC32 git config--global"d:/ Program Files/beyond Compare 4/bcompare.exe"The installation path of Beyond C

[Practical Git] Compare file changes with git diff

It can be helpful to see the changes between the sets of code; git difflets us do this by comparing the Git references and outputting the differences between them. In this lesson, we show how to use git diff along with --stat the,,, --cached HEAD origin/master file(s)/dir(s) options.If you want to see the difference between Stagin area with last commit:git diff--

What does the "pull request" in Git really compare?

)? Answer: No. Now the PR comparison is actually the DevelopBranch1 D3 submission Point and The master branch of the M1 submission point , and the above simplest case completely no difference! In fact, the bottom of the PR of this implementation is very reasonable: when we created the PR, the differences between the two branches were just the content of their own development. Imagine that if you compare the differences between the DEVELOPBRANCH

Beyond compare as a diff and merge tool with GIT

One of the first real points of frustration a developer encounters with git is the initial unresolved merge conflict. Beyond compare is an excellent file Comparison Utility and can be configured with git as a merge and diff tool. to Setup diff on Linux, create a short wrapper script to pass the parameters in the correct order: vi ~/

Git Compare with base, when comparing large files, long waits, unable to load

ProblemWhen using git to compare a large file (dozens of trillion orders of magnitude) to a different version, it waits for the load and the memory consumption is high, which makes it difficult for other processes to execute. In Task Manager, you can see that tortoisegitmerge eats about 3G of memory at this time.? ReasonThe file is too large to load very slowly.? WorkaroundIn fact, when we use the "

Git two merge methods compare merge and Rebase

understanding of the figure.It is important to note that after you clone the Code (develop branch), you create your own work branch (Git Bash Command window) in the local clone code and then git checkout-b mywork after you enter the cloned code folder (--- This is to be able to receive new and new emergency development or bug tasks at any time, without the development being incomplete and affecting receivi

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