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Ubuntu 16.04 install git and GUI client

1. Install the GIT command line tool via apt sourceThis is not recommended to install through the source code, add complexity, and the latest version of Git in all aspects will be repaired, not to appear in a state of no use.sudo add-apt-repository ppa: git-core/ppasudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install git2. Installing GUI

Use Git for source management--gui Client Summary _ server other

Git for Windows : This is the most common git client, very concise, common features are also available, Visual Studio recommended Third-party tools is it. Tortoisegit : It is believed that most of the people using SVN in Windows are very similar to the Turtle Svn,tortoisegit interface, and have the same high quality as TORTOISESVN, but do not know why it doe

git GUI client under Sourcetree--mac OSX

It's not easy to find a handy GUI client for git under your Mac. Learning tools to use or the path of the first device is suitable for me, that year to get started CVS SVN is so, first through the Tortoise client proficiency in basic operations, and then build a platform to familiarize yourself with the various command

Git learning Note: GUI client

Users who are used to Windows do not like to operate with something similar to the command line. Of course, I do not like it either, but it is too slow.Perhaps with the help of the command line, it is also very common for the Linux system to double the handling efficiency ..Of course, I am not a great god, so I have to choose a proper tool. In fact, I believe that the same is true for everyone. After simple learning, you can directly use tools ..I fou

Git big platform (win/Linux/Mac) graphical interface client big summary, gitmac

Git big platform (win/Linux/Mac) graphical interface client big summary, gitmacAbstract: This article introduces the graphical interface git client on various platforms (I have not used it all). You are welcome to add new software or use it ~ I. TortoiseGit-The coolest Inter

Git a large platform (WIN/LINUX/MAC) graphical interface Client Summary

)Sourcetree interface is very beautiful, you can easily manage multiple Git projects, but also support Hg, is the start speed is slightly slower, but overall is very good.Support System: Windows/os X (freeware)Iii. Gitup-work quickly, safely, and without headachesGitup is a full-featured open source Git Client for Mac OS X, providing fast, secure operations that

Git client command summary under Linux

testing BranchNote: Deleting a branch, special cases (including work that has not been merged or other reasons) will fail when you try to delete it using the git branch-d command, and you can force the deletion by using the-D option:$ git branch-d Testing4) Conflict resolution$ git checkout master//switch to Master Branch$ g

The SFTP GUI client of Gnome KDE under Linux

Used to WINSCP and xftp directly connected to the server to modify the file, to Linux gnome or KDE found no WINSCP to provide the interface of the client, went to a filezilla, but the libstdc++ version of CentOS is too old to support.The original Linux file Manager comes with this feature, just open the File Manager, click on the connection server, enterSftp://[e

Windows version control tool git Client installation finally solves the problem of "Git Windows client to save the user name and password"

Http:// Install and configure the GIT development environment in Windows Http:// Http:// Finally, the problem of "saving the user name and password on the GIT Windows client"

Use of Git Gui

significance. From this perspective, it cannot be said that a tool is "better" than other tools ". Note that there is nothing the GUI client can do but the command line client cannot do. The command line is always where you can fully control the warehouse concurrency and exert all the power.Gitk and git-guiYou have in

Git GUI and Command line

Git GUI and Command line Git manages code versions in two ways: GUI and Command line GUI: There are platform restrictions. Currently, only Windows systems are supported. Linux (Unix) adopts the command line mode, and the number of

Git Gui for Windows Library, cloning (clone), upload (push), download (pull), merge (GO)

From: more information on Linux build libraries, see the article:Http://——————————————————————————————————————————————This tutorial will cover some common features and how to use GITK's Git

Git Gui for Windows database creation, clone, push, download, and merge

For more information about how to create a database on linux, see the following article: Http:// Http:// ---------------------------------------------- This tutorial describes some common features and usage of Git Gui of gitk, including: datab

"Go" git graphical interface Client large summary

, welcome to join the contribution code. (Excerpt from Oschina)In addition, the landlord personal feeling tortoisegit use is very convenient, and TortoiseSVN as can be directly observed by the file icon to view the current status of the file, the performance under Windows really did not say, so put in the first recommendation.Support System: Windows (Freeware)Second, sourcetree-a free Git Mercurial Client

Only to find the Git GUI can upload the project to GitHub, share the experience below

First to the official download git client, Windows system to this address:'s talk about the steps to upload a local project Create a new repository on your GitHub page and don't need anything (if you have in your project code), there's no action on the page. Open the Gi

Git GUI Installation and configuration

One. Installation1. Download2. Right---compatibility----check compatibility mode to run3. "Next" to "Select File associations" such as:4. "Next" to whether to configure path, such as:6. Select the format of the carriage return line. By default. (Convert to Windows style when checking out, convert to Linux style when committing.)7. "Next" to installation completeYou can enter Git--version in cmd to check if

Coding Beginner's Tutorial (i)--manage Coding projects with GitHub GUI client

remote warehouse Click on the link and drop it directly into the GitHub client window. Set the path to the local repository in the pop-up window. As a result, the remote repository is cloned to the local repository.4, the basic use of GHFW GHFW Interface Description After adding and editing files in the working directory, check the GHFW window for any changes that need to be submitted. Thi

Git server construction and Client installation in CentOS

Outline: I. Preface 2. Build a Git Server Install the Git server in yum Create a git user to run the git Service Create a client logon Certificate Initialize Git Repository Disable shell Logon Clone remote Repository 3. In

Git server setup and Client installation

Git server setup and Client installationOutline:I. Preface2. Build a Git Server Install the Git server in yum Create a git user to run the git Service Create a client logon Certificate

CentOS 5.5 Git server and client Installation

CentOS 5.5 Git server and client Installation Outline: I. Preface 2. Build a Git Server Install the Git server in yum Create a git user to run the git Service Create a client logon

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