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Git Operations Guide (2)--git Gui for Windows Build Library, clone, upload

This tutorial will cover some common features and how to use GITK's Git GUI, including: Build, clone, upload (push), download (pull-fetch), merge (Pull-merge).——————————————————————————————————————————————1. Download and install:Http:// it, the novice, all "next" can.2. Build Lib

Git visualization very easy tutorial--git GUI how to use

idea of what git is doing.Permission checkFirst, your data is saved on a remote server, and the server needs to identify you. A section of RSA encrypted string.Start GUI, menu-Help, "step1- Create key"Generate SSH Key"step2-Add encryption Key" go to your code hosting server, in your account settings, adding it.For example, the address in GitHub, the title is arbitrary, such as you can use Home,company and

Kingsoft Fast Disk Git server, fast disk + git GUI implementation code version management

how to implement the network disk +git Gui team version Management To illustrate this, the available network disk should be "shared" rather than "share" functionality, in Baidu Cloud network disk, Tencent micro-Cloud network disk, 360 cloud disk and Jinshan quick to find a moment, found only Jinshan quick disk has this function, so the team development to use Jinshan fast disk to achieve. 1, with Jinshan

Git GUI and Command line

Git GUI and Command line Git manages code versions in two ways: GUI and Command line GUI: There are platform restrictions. Currently, only Windows systems are supported. Linux (Unix) adopts the command line mode, and the number of

Git Gui for Windows Library, cloning (clone), upload (push), download (pull), merge (GO)

From: more information on Linux build libraries, see the article:Http://——————————————————————————————————————————————This tutorial will cover some common features and how to use GITK's Git

Git Gui for Windows database creation, clone, push, download, and merge

For more information about how to create a database on linux, see the following article: Http:// Http:// ---------------------------------------------- This tutorial describes some common features and usage of Git Gui of gitk, including: datab

Use of Git Gui

significance. From this perspective, it cannot be said that a tool is "better" than other tools ". Note that there is nothing the GUI client can do but the command line client cannot do. The command line is always where you can fully control the warehouse concurrency and exert all the power.Gitk and git-guiYou have installed the visualization tools gitk and Git-

Ubuntu 16.04 install git and GUI client

1. Install the GIT command line tool via apt sourceThis is not recommended to install through the source code, add complexity, and the latest version of Git in all aspects will be repaired, not to appear in a state of no use.sudo add-apt-repository ppa: git-core/ppasudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install git2. Installing GUI

Basic usage of Git GUI

This tutorial will cover some common features and how to use GITK's Git GUI, including: Build, clone, upload (push), download (pull-fetch), merge (Pull-merge).——————————————————————————————————————————————1. Download and install:Http:// it, the novice, all "next" can.2. Build Lib

Go Git Gui for Windows Build Library, clone, upload (push), download (pull), merge

Original address: tutorial will cover some common features and how to use GITK's Git GUI, including: Build, clone, upload (push), download (pull-fetch), merge (Pull-merge).——————————————————————————————————————————————1. Download and install:Http://

MacOS Sierra Git Gui Crash Solution

This post consists of: descriptionThe Git GUI has been intermittently flashed since upgrading to MacOS Sierra 10.12.At first it was good, just occasionally flash back, recently really more and more frequent ...I can't stand it, I find a way to solve it toda

Use of the Git GUI under Windows

Recently in the Personal web site, the code hosted on GitHub, in the Git GUI version control process encountered some problems, has been resolved, share the following.Here is a basic introduction to git GUI usage.1. Download the installation package on the GIT website. (down

Use Git for source management--gui Client Summary _ server other

if you don't learn git's command line, in these GUI tools, we can basically do our daily work. However, if you want to have a better understanding of git, it is still very necessary to learn the git command line, only use the command line to fully understand the working mechanism of git, and some of the advanced opera

Win under git GUI tutorial

Http:// installation steps1. Select the downloaded installation package2. The installation procedure is omitted, the next step can be directly.The following picture appears to install successfullyCloning an existing repository using the Git GUI1. Create a new folder locally test, select and right click on the git GUI hereappear, select t

Git GUI Installation and configuration

One. Installation1. Download2. Right---compatibility----check compatibility mode to run3. "Next" to "Select File associations" such as:4. "Next" to whether to configure path, such as:6. Select the format of the carriage return line. By default. (Convert to Windows style when checking out, convert to Linux style when committing.)7. "Next" to installation completeYou can enter Git--version in cmd to check if

Git GUI download Remote source code easy to use introduction

Learning to program, when appropriate, to get some source code to learn the practice of the project, the technology is very helpful. If you learn. NET, C #, CodePlex has a lot of good source code, recommended a asp.ent: Hovertree how do you get and download the code for the project on CodePlex? You can use the Git Gui, easy to operate, not always lose command,

Cloning Repository (warehouse) from the bonobo server using the Git GUI

I have just started to encounter some problems in cloning repository (warehouse) from the bonobo server using the Git GUI, as shown in:Later, some people encounter similar problems, get a solution to the idea, please refer here. This problem occurs because the remote Repository (library) to be cloned is an empty library. Then we'll find a "content" Remote library clone, the cloning steps are as follows:

Only to find the Git GUI can upload the project to GitHub, share the experience below

First to the official download git client, Windows system to this address:'s talk about the steps to upload a local project Create a new repository on your GitHub page and don't need anything (if you have in your project code), there's no action on the page. Open the Git

git GUI client under Sourcetree--mac OSX

It's not easy to find a handy GUI client for git under your Mac. Learning tools to use or the path of the first device is suitable for me, that year to get started CVS SVN is so, first through the Tortoise client proficiency in basic operations, and then build a platform to familiarize yourself with the various commands. In fact, if you do not have to use a script to call, there is no need to learn commands

Git learning Note: GUI client

Users who are used to Windows do not like to operate with something similar to the command line. Of course, I do not like it either, but it is too slow.Perhaps with the help of the command line, it is also very common for the Linux system to double the handling efficiency ..Of course, I am not a great god, so I have to choose a proper tool. In fact, I believe that the same is true for everyone. After simple learning, you can directly use tools ..I fou

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